Software Update 1.1 for Nokia N8 & C7

When it comes to the Symbian devices we all know and love them; now Nokia is going to go for a software update 1.1 for their new symbian^3 devices C7 and N8 Nokia devices.

Some of the changes in the software update will be:
  • When you use your email you have the option of having a map integrated so that you can find out the address mentioned in the mail.
  • You can use email invitations for sending meeting requests.
  • For Nokia N8 Users:
    • You will have a new editing profile when it comes to using your word documents and will be having better capabilities when it come to zoom out and in. This will be from your 6.4. Editor's version of the Quick Office.
    • You will have Need for Speed Shift, Galaxy on Fire and Real Golf already preinstalled to your phone – these three games are free when you go get your phone from your Ovi Store and download.
You can update your phone using Software Update on your device or using Ovi Suite.

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