SRS Labs Launches iWow 3D for iOS Devices

iWOW 3D for iPhone
Welcome to the world of sound enhancing hardware. Recently SRS labs had released the iWow 3D, an audio enhancing hardware for apple portable devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods. The iWow 3D is designed to be compatible with the free iWow iOS app

The iWow 3D is a dongle whose one end can be connected to an iPhone, iPad or an iPod and to the other end headphones or audio cables can be connected. According to SRS the iWow retrieves and restores audio cues of the original audio source creating in the process a 3D sound effect with renewed depth and unmatched clarity. It also delivers sound rich in bass which is ideal for music, videos, and games.

The iWow 3D is available in two models. One is the $70 iWow 3D which is the standard device. The other is the $100 model (iWow 3D combo) which comes with a set of in-ear headphones and four faceplates. They are available in silver, pink, blue and green colors. These can be used in place of the standard black one to give a customized look to the iWow 3D
SRS iwow app
The iWow app allows the users to choose the type of device they would like to connect to such as headphones, speakers or a car stereo. Users can also choose other options such as Deep bass High Treble and Wide Surround by using the advanced settings of the iWow app.

The iWow 3D is compatible with a number of apple devices and is highly portable hence it is a must have for all the music lovers and iPhone users for experiencing music like never before.

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