Win Free HTC Thunderbolt at Verizon Store Opening on Feb 12

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt phone giveaway
You may think that you cannot get a free Smartphone but it's true, you could get your hands on a free Smartphone; all you have to do is to go to a grand opening of a Verizon company in Northampton, MA, and you could get a Smartphone on 14th February. That is right it will be a free HTC Thunderbolt Smartphone and take it away with you the very same day; if you are lucky then you don't have to wait until the official release in mid February to get your hands on the phone.

You don't just have one chance, there will be two smartphone giveaways; one will be a surprise for everyone and the other of course a 4G HTC Thunderbolt. There will be also food and drinks provided in the event which will be held on the 12th February and if that wasn't good enough then local radio station 93.9 is giving prizes including a sky trip.

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