WP7 to get Native Twitter application!

Native twitter app for windows phone 7

Good news for Windows 7 phone users as Microsoft will be releasing a native Twitter client for the phone users sometime later this year. Though a Twitter client already exists for Windows 7 phone a native client will offer a higher level of integration.

The twitter client was picked as a must have app for the windows 7 mobile platform. The new native client will have deeper integration and better connectivity with the already existing apps and services on the windows platform. With better integration users will be able to connect and share on twitter from even within other native applications.

In recent times the popularity of twitter has increased and the number of tweets has increased exponentially. As more and more users are sharing their photos, contacts and their current activities within another app, this release comes as a step in the right direction.

At present only Android allows a high level of integration of twitter with its apps, widgets and more. As the popularity of social networking through mobile phones is increasing, Microsoft's native twitter app would go a long way in improving the user experience and increasing the popularity of the phone.

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