Xperia X8: 10 Free Must Have Android Apps

Xperia X8 free and must have applications
Check out the 10 free and must have android applications for Sony Ericsson Xperia X8:

UltraChon Stopwatch Lite:
This is an excellent app for those who need a stopwatch for their work. This app has pretty interesting features:
  • Set timer with voice
  • Talking stopwatch/timer
  • Lap Times
  • Wakes phone
  • Email timing reports
  • Runs in background
Dr. Web Anti-virus:
This is antivirus software for the Xperia X8 and it has pretty interesting feature of efficiently scanning the file systems of the Xperia X8 which includes hidden files along with user apps. This app stores malicious objects in quarantine and also comes with a real time file monitor for both the micro SD card and internal memory.

AK Notepad:
This is an excellent application which serves as a notepad for students and researchers with some fabulous features:
  • Set a reminder on a note
  • Export/import, Secure backup of notes 
  • Pin notes to your home screen
  • Share notes via SMS, email & more
  • Passcode, Sort & search
TransZilla Translator:
This is an excellent app for X8 which has a favorable performance and features considering the translating purposes. This app takes aid from Google Translate which is certainly the best and most comprehensive translation service which supports more than 50 languages worldwide. This app also supports Translator Voice input which lets the user to speak and then translate it.

Handcent SMS:
This is a perfect application with its own SMS/MMS utility which gets incorporated into the phone’s messaging. The user can make additional configurations and adjustments by giving it a classical style or like instant messenger by customizing the service.There are many other noted features available with this app:
  • Full Support SMS, MMS including attached picture, movie, audio
  • Power SMS POP UP Window including SMS Template(Quick Text),Recognize Speech and Speak SMS
  • Group Send SMS & MMS, easy people & group select, Sync with phone contact database
  • Include support for 15 languages and will continue support more languages
  • Many useful functions including Blacklist, Search SMS & MMS, Batch Mode for threads & Message
Google Sky Map:
This application converts the Xperia X8 into a window on the night sky in which the user can discover and browse the night sky by just simply pointing to the Android phone to the space. The features include:
  • Search- Finding planets, stars and constellations
  • Motion detection- Sky map uses the phone’s GPS, accelerometer, and compass to create a window in the sky that moves with the user’s hand.
  • Celestial Objects- the user can browse a map showing the brightest stars which are visible to naked eye and also the sun and moon, constellation lines, horizon, cardinal points and Messier Objects.
  • Navigation – the user can select automatic mode to let Sky map adjust the map and switch between manual modes.
Advanced Task killer:
This is an excellent app which allows the user to watch the running applications in the smart phone and is quite useful because there is no such by default app serving the same purpose by Android OS. This app allows the users to see all current running apps and the user can select which one to terminate in case if it is of no further use.

This a gaming app which can be played through touch screen, trackball or a d-pad and is similar to the Pac man experience.

Blow Up (Lite):
This is an excellent gaming app in which the players can have the ability to virtually blow up buildings with explosions by setting up timer bombs and then watch them collapsing in a swaying manner.

As it name suggests this is a gaming application for the Xperia X8 powering Android OS. This is a mission centered game which basically involves the player as a sniper who is in a team of anti-terrorist task force and need to rescue passengers who has been taken as hostages in a train.

What apps you use most on your Xperia X8? Share the apps you use using comments section.

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