5 Best iPhone Apps to order Photo Printing from your phone

iPhone is not just a phone, its everything. You can talk, play, watch, listen; whats more? You can even print photos directly from iPhone. Check out the 5 best apps to order Photo Printing right from your iPhone.

So, you think that this photo of yours is really good, huh? How about having a print of it on the canvas? Yes, this is possible. With the iPrintMe, you can order the prints of your favorite photos which you want on the canvas, right from your iPhone. iPrintMe also offers free shipping all over the U.S. 9x12 size canvas costs 39$, 12x16 size costs 49$ and 15x20 size canvas costs 59$. One more thing, the delivery of your desired prints is at your doorstep for free.
Have a beautiful photo phone accordion using this application and get its print at your door step. Accordion is a strip of 6 pictures, folded in a credit card type display and printed on a thick and high quality paper. You can pay via Paypal or your credit card. It's good for the people who wants to keep the photos of their dearest ones very close to them probably in their wallet. 
This application helps you to order all photos which you have on your iPhone, through PhotoFinisher network and get the prints from the local nearest available store. There are almost 12,000 stores which are located all over the world including RitzWolf camera, Hy-Vee and many others. Uploading your photos is quite simple. Just signup, select photos you want to upload and order them through any photofinisher and take the prints from the local store located within 10-100 miles radius. You can also use this application when you are on the way. Just select the "Get Location"  option and find your desired store on your way.4X6 size photo costs 0.15$ at Office Depot and prices vary for others.
This iphone application lets you print your photos. Downloading of this application is free but it costs 4x4 square prints at 12 cents, 4x6 prints at 0.99$ and 8x10 at 3.47$. Payment through paypal and credit card is acceptable. The shipping cost and the pricing for the prints are very suitable. This application can be a good choice for the professionals and the people who do not have much time to do all this stuff. 
Now you don't have to wait to share your photos with your friends, family and your dear ones. Just download the SnapFish. It doesn't cost anything to download but it gives a lot to you. With this application, you can add multiple photos and upload them. If you are new on SnapFish, you are also offered to have some free prints. This beautiful application is available in 22 countries and in 12 languages.
Which photo printing apps do you use on your iPhone?

SPB Shell 3D for Android provides next gen experience on your mobile

SPB Shell 3D is the world's most popular paid mobile application that allows users optimize their mobile phone to their personal needs.

Watch this video to get introduced to the next generation mobile user interface that makes your Android experience more rich and effective:

Download the app for $14.95 from market.

Angry Birds Rio Game for Android Released!

angry birds rio android game
Angry Birds Rio game for Android has been launched today. In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to to save their friends, Blu and Jewel – two rare macaws and the stars of the upcoming Fox motion picture, Rio. Angry Birds Rio will pair the physics-based gameplay of the original game with unique twists based on the film.

Some of the features of Angry Birds Rio are:
  • Two fantastic episodes with 60 exciting levels!
  • Completely new achievements!
  • Special Hidden fruits - discover them all!
  • Put your Angry Birds skills to the ultimate test in a spectacular boss fight!
Download the game for FREE from market.

10 most addictive games for iPhone

most addictive iPhone games
Check out the 10 most addictive games for iPhone:

In this amazing game, green pigs steal the eggs of the birds and all you have to do is get them back. Having unique destructive power, the angry birds try to lay waste to the pig's castles. The game consists of 240 levels and each level demands skills. Rating for this game is 4.78/5. This game is highly addictive and very popular in 62 countries and its popularity is increasing. With constant updates, this game never gets old. You'll probably play this game for hours and it costs only $0.99.

The player, in this game, has a small alien like character which leaps off from platforms to ascend higher and higher. This game is easy to run but it's difficult for you to master it. This game is a winner of "2010 Apple design Awards". By using rockets, avoiding black holes and leaping higher, the player increases his/her score. This game is also available in "Multiplayer" mode. Like Mario, jump on the monsters to bring them down. All of this fun is available to you for just $0.99. Isn't it sweet?

In Fruit Ninja, player must swipe his/her finger on the screen to slice the fruits. However, a player must be careful, not to touch the bomb, or otherwise, game over and you'll not be able to further. And if you get successful to gain high scores, you may be able to unlock some interesting stuff like flaming sword or different backgrounds. Such kind of things keeps the player interested in the game. Your success in the game will also please the Ninja Sensei who will advise you with wise words.

If you want to play a highly addictive game, Flight control is for you. Air traffic control is one of the tough jobs in the world but when you are playing "Flight Control", you are a born flight controller. Just slide a finger of yours on the screen to have a successful landing of your plane. Multiplayer mode with voice chat option is also available to you for this game. It costs $0.99 to download. This game is best to play when you are on a long car ride. But, after playing few times, you'll find yourself in addiction with this game.

Traffic Rush, also listed in the "Top 10 most successful applications of all time", is the game that you'll really enjoy. There are no signal lights, four roads intersection and the best of all; you are the one who's going to control the traffic. Just make sure that no accidents happen. With over 12 million users, this game has won the hearts of many game lovers.

Best handled game, best casual game, best puzzle game and most innovative game. All these awards go to "Cut the Rope". Help the adorable monster to get a candy in to its mouth. Your touch control must be precise and accurate for this game. Every level has different obstacles and it won't be easy every time to help that little adorable monster in getting its candy. Having a high definition visuals, this game is among favorites for the puzzle lovers. This game can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes.

One of the most popular games for iPhone, Plants vs. Zombies. Having 50 levels, this game has gathered a lot of attention. A rush of zombies is coming for you and what you have to do is to place a number of plants to stop them from reaching your home. Play to conquer all levels through day and night, fog etc. Use your mind to place the plants in their way because you have a limited supply of them available to you. The total cost is just $2.99.

In this game, player gets in control of a small bird that has tiny wings. It cannot fly much higher but surely there are hills coming on its way. You can increase the speed by tapping the screen and watch out for the night. Different islands have been mapped in the game. So, all you have to do is to beat the nighttime and gain points as much as you can. This game is surely addictive. And what it costs? Not much, just a dollar.

Physics based puzzle game in which you have to make a shortest path to get the ball from the other cat. Shorter the path, higher the score you'll get. There are almost 50 puzzles for you to solve. Having the same solution every time will make you get away from playing that puzzle. That's why, in this game, solution is not the same every time and this makes this quite more interesting. You can also make your name in the Global High Score list by submitting your score there.

Whether you are a student, an old man or a businessman, you surely have tried to throw a piece of paper (which probably you didn't like) in the trash can. But, have you ever thought that how many times you got successful in doing that. Well, this game can judge your capability of doing it. You have to throw a page in the trashcan and by doing that, your score increases. Having a global scoreboard, you can submit your score online. 

These are out list of 10 most addictive games for iPhone. What games do you play often on your iPhone? Share the games you play most on your iPhone using comments section.

FireFox 4 Mobile for Android Released & its Review

firefox for android phone
Are you a fan of Firefox on the laptop and have an android phone in your hand? Then this is a good news for you. Mozilla has recently launched its web browser for Android phones. With this app you can goo from desktop to mobile without interruption.

It's fast, easy to use and completely customizable. And it's built on the same great platform as our desktop version. So you can take your Firefox anywhere you go.

With Firefox for Android, you can synchronize your history, bookmarks, tabs and passwords between all your computers and mobile devices. Discover and install add-ons right from your phone or tablet to customize your browser exactly the way you like. Type less with the Awesome Screen, which gives you one-tap access to your bookmarks, history and custom list of search engines. Tabbed browsing allows for easy navigation and fast switching between Web sites with just one swipe of your finger.

Also Firefox for Android is available in over 10 languages.

Download the app for FREE from market.

Also check out the Firefox 4 review on Android:

10 Best e-book Readers for iPhone

iPhone best 10 ebook readers
iPhone is a great device for readers. Here are the 10 best e-book readers for iPhone:

Having the beautiful easy-to-use interface, kindle is also one of the best document readers for iPhone. Approximately 8,25,000 books are available in the Kindle online store. So, if you want to read new and top releases, Kindle is here for you.

Wireless electronic library that stays open 24/7, flipping of pages effect, Stanza is one of the most popular choices for the people who search for a good eBook reader application. No matter where you are, your books are always with you in your pocket. You can download from a vast collection of about 1 million books to your iPhone. So, what’s the price? And the answer is: It’s free.

iPad may have large screens but iPhone gives sharp display. If you want to do some reading on a trip or anywhere, there’s no other best way to do that other than iPhone. This application is one of the best iPhone document reader applications available in the market. It can catch document from any source, can save attachments received in the e-mail and can also read office documents.

Barnes and Noble NOOK:
Barnes and Noble, creator of thee award winning NOOK eBook reader, brings you Barnes and Noble NOOK for iPhone. Free samples of every book are also available. About 2 million eBooks are available through it. Including the lending technology, you can share your eBooks with your friends too. It also contains the multi-font type option and you can also change the color of the text and background as you wish.

Quick Reader:
Having a beautiful and superb customizable user interface and the best speed reading technology, Quick Reader is in the list of the Best iPhone document reader applications. By using the guided reading technology, you can read 4000 WPM. How? Try Quick Reader.

Kobo eReader:
Having some deep ties to Facebook, you can share quotes or the books that you are reading with the world’s largest social network by using Kobo eReader. If you have one in your iPhone than it’s a good choice. This application is free to download and has an access to about 1.8 million free eBooks. These features help it stand out from the crowd. Simply, it’s a great application to download.

Whenever you pay from your pocket, you wish to have something that is really good in exchange. So if you are willing to spend $9.99 for a good eBook reader, Eucalyptus is for you. Eucalyptus has really good visual effects, a size to fit to all eyes. Bookmarking and reading was never so easy.

Comic Zeal:
If you want to read comic Books than this wonderful application is for you. Specially designed for comic book and novels, having a beautiful interface design and best zoom implementation, this application has made its mark in the most famous eBook reader application’s market. It also has the auto bookmarking feature due to which you never get lost.

Tomes Bookshelf:
Having access to Baen Free Library, you can get any free book that you want using this application. It also has a unique technology of saving the books that you load on your iPhone. It let you read any text or HTML file. You can change the fonts, size and set a background image of your choice or even change the color if you want to. A lot of features, available to you for only $4.99.

Availability of more than a million eBooks and addition of thousands every month, eReader is one of the best eBook reader applications for iPhone. It also allows you to upload your personal content from other websites as well. It has a lot of features having changing font style, size etc. you can get all of these for free.

LockMenu App can launch apps from Locked Android Screen

LockMenu Android App
LockMenu app for Android will replace your Android lockscreen with LockMenu. It is a replacement lock screen that gives you the ability to launch applications and shortcuts directly from your lock screen. Lock Menu gives you the ability to customize 7 individual sliders so you can build a lock screen that fits your needs.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Configure up to 7 sliders
  • Launch applications or shortcuts from sliders
  • Launch direct dial or direct text from sliders
  • Go to Home screen from sliders
  • Configure whether each slider unlocks device
  • Slider custom text
  • Configure sound slider to toggle vibrate or silent mode
  • Configure sound slider to launch app or shortcut
  • Choose between pre-Gingerbread and Gingerbread slider styles
  • Set lock screen timeout
  • Enable/disable wallpaper
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Configure date/time format and layout
Download the app for FREE from android market.

CTIA 2011: Best Phones and Tablets

Best Phones and Tablets at CTIA
CTIA 2011 arranged a 3 days event and delivered a great variety of Phones and tablets. Android came into view as a massive. Some of the best phones and tablets showcased in the event are:

This phone comes with the wonderful 3D technology.

Sprint’s HTC evo 3D, with smart design and superb features is the beautiful smartphone ever designed. Now, you can see the depth of your photo as it’s in real. Having a 4.3 inch QHD display, HTC evo 3D gives you vivid images. It also has 1GB of RAM,1.3 megapixel and dual 5 megapixel front and rear cameras respectively.

LG Thrill 4G:
Talking about 3D, LG also offered a handset which is actually a U.S. version of LG optimus 3D, known as LG Thrill 4G. Best features of this one includes 4.3 inches parallax barrier LCD display, 1GHz dual core processor, 5 megapixel camera on the back and also contains a memory slot for microSD and microSDHC. It has an internal memory of 8GB. The LG optimus 3D, displayed at World Mobile Congress was very good but AT&T version is not that impressive. But let’s see how this LG Thrill 4G fares in the market.

It has a 8 megapixel rear camera, 4 inch wide VGA display and a great shape. It has an internal memory of 8GB and the hardware is running Android 2.2.2 Froyo and one more thing: This phone can also run DIVX. With the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual core processor with each processor clocked at 1 GHz, the LG G2X has a burst of speed.

Introducing the 4G technology in this phone, the G2X can achieve a theoretical download speed of 14.4 Mbps. After the launch of AT&T merger which is, perhaps, in a couple of years, the carrier can boost the speed up to 42 Mbps. Quite amazing. Isn’t it?

Samsung Galaxy Tabs:
CTIA is also coming in front with the big Tablet shows. This company (Samsung) put aside the cell phones in the early march and introduced Samsung galaxy tablets 8.9 and 10.1. It’s 8.6mm thin and now, they are also known as the thinnest tablets in the world. It has a weight of 590g (tablet 10.1) and 470g (tablet 8.9). It has 1 GHz dual core processor. Samsung made a huge improvement over a 7 inch galaxy tablet with its advanced and premium design. Samsung’s new TouchWiz UX user interface will be used by it.

Having multi-tasking option, which allows you to do 2 works at a time, and an application tray which contains commonly used stuff like Task managers, calendars etc, it will be very successful. With the entertainment Hub, you get access to about 2.2 million books, 2000 newspapers, 13 million songs and 23,000 magazines. It also has the 3 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front cameras which provide a smooth transition for a rich entertainment experience.

Nokia Astound Hands-on Review

The folks at PhoneArena presents a video hands-on with the Nokia Astound.

Folks over in Europe and other parts of the world are long familiar with the Nokia Astound, also known as the Nokia C7, but it is only now that the U.S. is getting the Symbian^3-powered handset.

Check out the below hands-on video of Nokia Astound:


Android 2.3.3 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S

Check out the Android 2.3.3 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S.

15 Handy Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S

Check out the 15 handy android apps for Samsung Galaxy S:

Exchange Rates:
A currency converter app showing current rates of exchange. The app is free and there are no ads in it.
Phonebook 2.0:
If you’re looking for a different way of managing your contacts, there is Phonebook. It displays your contacts, along with information like unread messages, missed calls. It even reminds you of your contact’s birthday.

iPhone users know about Foursquare, but this app can now be used on Android for your social-networking needs. Check the leader board and the places you visit.
Another solid pick for location-based networking application on Android.
Juice Defender:
A very useful app if you want to extend the life of your battery. The app manages your battery-sensitive components and your mobile connectivity. For example, it will switch from 3G to 2G mode when you’re not using your phone and, below a certain level of battery power, it will switch off the Wi-Fi. You can customize it for your personal needs.
Whether your online friends are on Yahoo, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, My Space, Facebook, Google Talk, StudiVZ Hyves,AIM or ICQ, you’ll be able to connect with them for free.

If you want to protect your phone, Lookout will help. It backs up your data and provides protection against viruses, hackers or malware. It will even help you find your stolen or lost phone using a map from the Web. And, if you still can’t find it, you can wipe out the data on it or make it “scream”.
Titanium Backup:
There’s a suggested $5.95 donation for this powerful backup free app. Even protected apps can be restored along with their data and links. It will save your Wi-Fi access points and your phone settings.

App Protector Pro:
For $1.99, protect your Android applications using passwords. Ideal for extra security for your photos, e-mails, SMS and more.
This free app will let you access all your mobile, home and office voicemail boxes on your Android phone. It can also receive FAXes and display them.
This free app is a collaboration tool for individuals, companies or teams who want to share documents and update them on the go.
For $29.99, you will be able to access your computers, Windows and Mac, and all their files securely from your Android phone, so you will always have access to them if you’re away.
Document Scanner:
For only $2.99, you’ll be able to scan documents using your phone’s camera and convert them to PDF format. You can then e-mail your documents to anyone, and even upload them to Google Docs.
TiKL-Touch to Talk:
If you want to save some minutes, you can use your Android phone as a walkie-talkie with other Android users, without having to use additional hardware. On 3G and 4G networks, communication
Vlingo is a free Android app that lets you operate your phone by voice, which comes in handy when your hands are tied. So you can call, tweet, text or update your Facebook status securely. You can use it with a Bluetooth wireless headset as well.
Also check out the best 15 apps for galaxy S.

iNotifier App for iPhone schedules upto 64 recurring events

iNotifier App for iPhone
iNotifier app for iPhone is a simple and straightforward reminder application that notifies you of important events scheduled in your life.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Schedule up to 64 recurring events.
  • Will notify user of scheduled events even when no internet connection is available by utilizing the iDevice local notifications function.
  • Delete and modify the scheduled event.
Staying organized and up-to-date with events has never been more foolproof. Download the app for FREE from iTunes.

Android Froyo Ported on Samsung Wave Video

Recently Android has been ported to Samsung Wave which has BADA OS. The project is called as AndroBada Project. Check out the video demo of Android on Samsung wave.

15 Best Android Apps for Travelers

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you use an Android mobile phone? Then you must definitely check this apps.
Here are 15 best android apps for frequent travelers:

Google Places Directory lets you easily find nearby businesses or other places. You can browse for restaurants, hotels, banks, or movie theaters. It gives you directions and distance, photos and ratings.
This free Android app spots your location and helps you find businesses in the area you’re in and read information about them. Users can filter the businesses by “Open Now”, “Specials Offers”, “Prices” and also “Hot on Yelp”.
Google Googles:
With Google Googles, you can take a picture of an object, logo or landmark you need information on and send it to have the relevant data returned to you. It displays company names and business information in their camera preview.
Weather Bug Mobile:
This free app, using its network of weather stations, gives you live, local weather information along with satellite maps, videos, radar and alerts.
This app that includes voice recognition gives you access to the phone book, should you need to find a business address or a phone number.
Fact Book:
This application draws from the CIA World Fact Book and data from the United Nations to provide all the information you need on any country regarding their geography, government, transportation systems, population, military forces, and it’s free.
GPS Status & Toolbox:
Your GPS doesn’t give you all the information you need ? With GPS Status & Toolbox, you’ll get a compass with true north, magnetic north, a leveling tool and also data on satellite strength, speed, accuracy, bearing , acceleration and position.
Another app for weather info addicts. 10-day, 36-hour and hourly forecasts, live video, you’ve got it all on the Weather Channel.
Mileage Ledger 2.0:
For an annual cost of $8.95, this app is perfect if you need to keep records of business mileage. It tracks your mileage automatically, using GPS.
If you need to track fuel mileage, expenses and maintenance of your car, this app is for you. It will tell you when it’s time to change the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs etc.
For US and Canada. This app lets you know the real-time price of gas within your area, using maps. You can report gas price changes and win free gas, by the way.
Trip Journal:
For $1.99, let your friends and family follow your itinerary. Trip Journal integrates with Google Earth and it tracks the stats of your trip, including the geography, time and distance in real-time.
US Traffic:
It keeps you up to date with traffic in your area, anywhere in the USA, along with incident reports.
With aCurrency, you can convert more than 160 currencies with hourly updates. Historical charts can be consulted as well.
You don’t have to be in Manhattan to find a cab with Cab4me. Using a database of taxi companies and stands, it places the call for you.
What travel apps do you use frequently on your Android smartphone? Share the apps you use using comments section.

10 Best Symbian^3 HD Games

Best HD Games for symbian^3 devices
Nokia N8 & C7 are great devices with Symbian^3 OS. Here are the 10 HD Games for Symbian^3 Phones Nokia N8 & C7.

Avatar HD, from James Cameron:
The good music, synchronized with the action, puts the gamer in the mood to explore the world of the Navi village, do small missions to get a feel of their way of life and find out what there is to be fighting for. There is a lot to discover and hours of action await you. 3D really brings justice to Pandora’s world. Enjoy.

Hero of Sparta HD:
Though this genre is not the most popular among mobile phone users, Hero of Sparta makes it interesting without too many compromises. Controls are a little tight, but this game is one of the best action and adventure games, and the graphics are great.

Fruit Ninja:
Fruit Ninja is a big hit on other platforms and it has been recently launched for Nokia C7 & Nokia N8. It is a juicy action game with lot of interesting features. In this game, you have to become a ninja warrior to slash the ultimate fruit. Its fun and addictive.

Angry Birds:
The mobile gaming world has been hit by a storm from Rivo : Angry Birds. This game, which has already been downloaded by millions on the other mobile platforms, is now available for Symbian^3. It’s got the same graphics and the game playing is awesome. Some may complain that some things are missing, like the Golden Eggs, for those who are familiar with the game. There are a little less levels, but the game is in its early stages and we can expect, and hope, that those little shotcomings will be taken care of. It’s free on Android, but not for Symbian^3; just a little sad, because all in all it’s a really great package !

Need for Speed Shift HD:
Need for Speed Shift HD lets us see how great the graphic capabilites of the Symbian^3 phones really are. The mind-blowing racing experience is awesome and very realistic, more than on Asphalt 5, and guess what ? it’s free ! Though it takes quite a long time to download and it has no steering touch controls, it’s still worth it.

Asphalt 5 HD:
Though the Symbian^3 version does not allow multi players, Asphalt 5 is still the epitoma of arcade gaming fun. The graphics are amazing and there are the girls, for those less interested in serious racing but who want a fun experience, arcade-style. Gentlemen, start your engines !

Labyrinth Touch:
Labyrinth Touch is perfect as a casual mobile game. When you’re stuck somewhere, like in traffic, or when you just want to play for a short while to chase boredom, you just don’t have the mindset to start all sorts of games that need heavy involvement. Lots of mazes and different kinds of balls will make you want to play it often in your spare time. A great game that promises hours of gaming fun, guaranteed !

GT Racing : Motor Academy:
Hardcore racing fans will love this one. More than 100 different cars mean 100 different racing experiences, and you can even test-drive them. This is NOT a casual game. GT Racing is trying to become THE reference of racing games. However, a major drawback is that the tracks do not look so real, but hey, it’s a mobile phone game !

Galaxy on Fire:
Though not as graphically intensive as other games, Galaxy on Fire comes with awesome visuals. The 3D effects are great and the controls are amazing. Though the real action only begins after the first levels, don’t let it fool you, it’s a great game. Oh, yeah it’s free !

Real Football 2010 HD:
This game is not officially licensed, so the players and teams aren’t real. So they use names that sound alike.  But it has many game styles, the controls are quite innovative and the visuals are great. All that makes it one of the top sports games available for Symbian^3 phones.

What games do you play usually on your Symbian^3 device? Share the games you play using comments section.

5 Educational Web apps for iPhone and iPad

Educational Web apps for iPhone
Check out the 5 educational apps for iPhone and iPad for learning foreign languages and history:

Mobile Glot Translation Dictionary:
This application will help you remember foreign words you might have forgotten after your school days. It translates from English to many european languages like French, Italian and Spanish, and vice versa. So it can be just as useful if you’re a European who wants to learn English. Its friendly interface makes it easy to use, and it’s free.

Pocket Guide to World History:
Was Henry VIII married to Queen Anne ? What was the name of the first child of Louis XV ? We all know how hard it is to remember dates and names of important people in history. If you’d like to freshen up on your knowledge of literature, music, science, art, religion,philosophy, technology or politics, the Pocket Guide to World History will definitely help with its more than 10,000 entries and 20,000 dates. Now, who invented the Airplane? Anybody ?

Kids Bingo:
Every one loves bingo, and this app will help kids to learn numbers and letters in a fun way, while providing some family entertainment as well. So, why not get the best of both worlds ? Bingo!

A story a day:
If you happen to be a student of English Literature, this iPhone app is a good idea. Improve your knowledge of classic literature with the finest writers of them all, like Oscar Wilde, Virginia Wolf, Chauncer and others. Read one story a day and stay abreast of your classics.

Language Translate Bookmarklets:
This application is far better than Google translations,it’s much more advanced. It translates web pages in other languages, and it makes it more interesting and challenging to the student of foreign languages.

Hope with this iPhone and iPad apps, you can improve your child's educational brilliance.

10 Best iPhone Shopping Apps for Shopaholics

If you are a shopaholic and have an iPhone in your hand, these are the 10 must have apps you need to install on your iPhone:

Some of the best deals are on eBay, that’s for sure. You might have to do a lot of research but, if you keep at it, there are fine gems to be found.

Red Laser:
The one thing that Red Laser does really well is scanning barcodes. Unlike Amazon Mobile and Price Check, this app searches all of the web to find prices, which can help you find better deals, because prices on Amazon are sometimes higher. It’s free, it gives you more information, so why not add it to your shopping tools ?
Pocket Price:
With all the numbers involved, price, tax, discount percentage etc., you need Pocket Price. It calculates everything so you don’t have to. With this app you’ll know real fast what the deal actually is, how much you will actually save. Quite helpful.
If you’re into shopping with the help of coupons, this app is for you. You can get coupons right on your iPhone from Coupon Sherpa. Just browse for the store you have in mind and you’ll get the coupons currently  available for that store. If you’re interested in one coupon in particular,select it and the app will display the barcode to be scanned in the store. You can also use the “favorites” button to keep abreast of later coupons from favorite stores. Though you can get coupons ahead of time, Coupon Sherpa is best used when you’re shopping and do not have any coupons with you.
This app lists shopping centers and malls along with directions on how to get there from your area. Cool.
For those who just can’t remember what they were supposed to get at the grocery store, this great tool will definitely help. Just enter the items you need and, when they’re purchased, check them off. Just don’t forget entering the items in the first place !
You can find real gems in some garage sales, items not available in stores, and this app lets you know about the garage sales in your area. You could be surprised at what you can find !
This is a feature-packed app. Just like Laser Red, it scans barcodes, but it does much more. With Shopper, you get product recall alerts, coupons, deals, it tracks your budget, calculates the tax, lets you make shopping lists in a comprehensive way. It’s geared specifically for grocery shopping with tons of features. It only costs a dollar, but there are a couple of drawbacks : the graphics need a little improvement, and, disappointingly, it comes with ads. These are minor, though, when you consider all the pluses.
Fast Mall:
Tired of navigating through the chaos of shopping malls and having to ask information at a kiosk ? This app has a full bank of shopping malls and you can find the store you’re looking for from the app. Fast Mall will even tells you where to park your car ! If you’re planning to do your shopping in malls, you must have this free app.
This iPhone shopping app provides unbeatable deals each day on the best stuff to do in cities across the U.S. and Canada. You can buy deals, access your purchased Groupons, find the ones that are nearby, and redeem them electronically using this app.

5 must have iPhone Apps that may save you from Disasters

What happened in Japan recently should remind us that disaster may strike at any time, so we should be prepared, with the help of some handy iPhone applications, to face extreme situations, like floods, earthquakes, or fires. Many apps are now available to help you feel more secure. Here are the 5 must have iPhone apps, we recommend to save yourself from disasters.

Disaster Radar:
The app helps you keep up with disasters happening all over the globe, using a world map to pinpoint the events, show the level of emergency and provide details of interest.
iTsunami :
This app tracks tsunami warnings and notifies you first thing, even before the sirens start sounding.
If you live in an earthquake-prone area, Earthquakes app is for you. Not only does it monitor seismic activity around the world, but it connects you automatically to the U.S. Geological Survey site. Cost is only $1.99.
Disaster Survival Guide:
This app  helps you with planning emergency procedures in case of a disaster. How to have plenty of food and water, what to expect when grocery stores are empty or if you have to evacuate, etc. A must have.
This app costs only $0.99 and lets you monitor disasters closer to your area. Alerts4Me takes your location into account and gives you real-time alerts and advisories. If anything nasty is coming your way, it will let you know. It also provides you with a list of resources for emergency situations.
Hope these iPhone apps may save you at crucial times.

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