10 Best e-book Readers for iPhone

iPhone best 10 ebook readers
iPhone is a great device for readers. Here are the 10 best e-book readers for iPhone:

Having the beautiful easy-to-use interface, kindle is also one of the best document readers for iPhone. Approximately 8,25,000 books are available in the Kindle online store. So, if you want to read new and top releases, Kindle is here for you.

Wireless electronic library that stays open 24/7, flipping of pages effect, Stanza is one of the most popular choices for the people who search for a good eBook reader application. No matter where you are, your books are always with you in your pocket. You can download from a vast collection of about 1 million books to your iPhone. So, what’s the price? And the answer is: It’s free.

iPad may have large screens but iPhone gives sharp display. If you want to do some reading on a trip or anywhere, there’s no other best way to do that other than iPhone. This application is one of the best iPhone document reader applications available in the market. It can catch document from any source, can save attachments received in the e-mail and can also read office documents.

Barnes and Noble NOOK:
Barnes and Noble, creator of thee award winning NOOK eBook reader, brings you Barnes and Noble NOOK for iPhone. Free samples of every book are also available. About 2 million eBooks are available through it. Including the lending technology, you can share your eBooks with your friends too. It also contains the multi-font type option and you can also change the color of the text and background as you wish.

Quick Reader:
Having a beautiful and superb customizable user interface and the best speed reading technology, Quick Reader is in the list of the Best iPhone document reader applications. By using the guided reading technology, you can read 4000 WPM. How? Try Quick Reader.

Kobo eReader:
Having some deep ties to Facebook, you can share quotes or the books that you are reading with the world’s largest social network by using Kobo eReader. If you have one in your iPhone than it’s a good choice. This application is free to download and has an access to about 1.8 million free eBooks. These features help it stand out from the crowd. Simply, it’s a great application to download.

Whenever you pay from your pocket, you wish to have something that is really good in exchange. So if you are willing to spend $9.99 for a good eBook reader, Eucalyptus is for you. Eucalyptus has really good visual effects, a size to fit to all eyes. Bookmarking and reading was never so easy.

Comic Zeal:
If you want to read comic Books than this wonderful application is for you. Specially designed for comic book and novels, having a beautiful interface design and best zoom implementation, this application has made its mark in the most famous eBook reader application’s market. It also has the auto bookmarking feature due to which you never get lost.

Tomes Bookshelf:
Having access to Baen Free Library, you can get any free book that you want using this application. It also has a unique technology of saving the books that you load on your iPhone. It let you read any text or HTML file. You can change the fonts, size and set a background image of your choice or even change the color if you want to. A lot of features, available to you for only $4.99.

Availability of more than a million eBooks and addition of thousands every month, eReader is one of the best eBook reader applications for iPhone. It also allows you to upload your personal content from other websites as well. It has a lot of features having changing font style, size etc. you can get all of these for free.

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