10 Best iPhone Apps For Women

Usually women are in love with the iPhone. Here are the 10 best iPhone Apps for women:

The Grocery Gadget:
This app allows you to enter your grocery list on your phone manually or by scanning items. The information can then be synced to all the phones used in your household, which will help you save time and money. It even searches for coupons and it memorizes your grocery shopping habits. It might help women who send their husband to do the groceries by providing them with photographs of the items, so they don’t make the usual mistakes !
The Pill:
Who has never experienced the feeling of not knowing for sure if a birth control pill was taken ? To ensure it never happens again, this app will track your pill schedule by sending you alerts by e-mail and by phone notifications. It even compares your own pack with a digital one, so you’ll be sure of not missing a day.
By linking with Facebook, this app will help women keep physical tracks of their children, husband and friends. Get alerts when your friends are in your area and send them instant pings to make a real connection in person. Loopt will notify its users where the special offers and rewards in the area’s restaurants and shops are, so that you and your friends can discover together the fun places to share.
This app from Winkpass Creations is among the most useful for the active woman. iPeriod automatically calculates your cycle for the whole year. It will definitely help in planning vacations or other important events, or just to generally be prepared. Men could also use it to know when is the best time for that weekend get-away with their lady. iPeriod shows only iP on the icon, for discretion. You can make notations on icon labels for cramps, headaches etc. It can also predict ovulation and fertility, send alerts when you’re late and calculate averages; all that for only $1.99 !
If you’re familiar with epicurious site, you know this food site has won many awards. Their recipes are now available on your iPhone. They offer a choice from over 25,000 recipes from cookbooks, restaurants and chefs, on top of those found on Gourmet, Parade, Self, Gcookie and Bon Appétit. You can either search by keyword or by recipe, save your favorite ones and even e-mail them to other aficionados.
Pocket First Aid & CPR:
This app comes from the American Heart Association. Step by step videos and illustrations guide you through dealing with emergencies, whether you’re in your car, at home or out in the woods. This is the app that helped save the life of a Haïti man who was caught in the rubble during 65 hours when the earth shook last year. Mothers can rely on it in case of infant choking or other child emergencies, and also for CPR. Emergency information can be stored on it and can be e-mailed to doctors or others.
Unit Converter:
This application helps women convert all kinds of measurements for foreign recipes, or for travel abroad. It comes in many languages. You can convert currency, standard measurements, energy use requirements, and clothing sizes. Also comes with a ruler !
Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner:
This is such a great app! Ever wondered what you’ll come up with when you have to fix a meal with only what you have in your refrigerator or in your pantry ? What you have to do is simple: just enter the ingredients you want to use and allrecipes.com’s large recipe database will come up with a recipe, often already reviewed by other users. With Dinner Spinner Pro, you can create shopping lists, save your favorite recipes, share them using Bluetooth, even add photos to the site, and view them while you cook, in a kitchen-friendly format.
Baby Tracker:
This app is perfect to help you with your newborn feeding process. Just store the details of your sessions in a daily log on your iPod or your iPhone. A few simple clicks will help you keep track of your sessions.
This very simple app that logs the intervals between contractions and their length. When you inform your doctor or physician of progress, you’ll have exact data to show. It just uses a simple push-button. You can e-mail the data to your physician.
What apps do you use on your iPhone, apart from the list mentioned? Share the apps you use using comments section.

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