10 Best iPhone Shopping Apps for Shopaholics

If you are a shopaholic and have an iPhone in your hand, these are the 10 must have apps you need to install on your iPhone:

Some of the best deals are on eBay, that’s for sure. You might have to do a lot of research but, if you keep at it, there are fine gems to be found.

Red Laser:
The one thing that Red Laser does really well is scanning barcodes. Unlike Amazon Mobile and Price Check, this app searches all of the web to find prices, which can help you find better deals, because prices on Amazon are sometimes higher. It’s free, it gives you more information, so why not add it to your shopping tools ?
Pocket Price:
With all the numbers involved, price, tax, discount percentage etc., you need Pocket Price. It calculates everything so you don’t have to. With this app you’ll know real fast what the deal actually is, how much you will actually save. Quite helpful.
If you’re into shopping with the help of coupons, this app is for you. You can get coupons right on your iPhone from Coupon Sherpa. Just browse for the store you have in mind and you’ll get the coupons currently  available for that store. If you’re interested in one coupon in particular,select it and the app will display the barcode to be scanned in the store. You can also use the “favorites” button to keep abreast of later coupons from favorite stores. Though you can get coupons ahead of time, Coupon Sherpa is best used when you’re shopping and do not have any coupons with you.
This app lists shopping centers and malls along with directions on how to get there from your area. Cool.
For those who just can’t remember what they were supposed to get at the grocery store, this great tool will definitely help. Just enter the items you need and, when they’re purchased, check them off. Just don’t forget entering the items in the first place !
You can find real gems in some garage sales, items not available in stores, and this app lets you know about the garage sales in your area. You could be surprised at what you can find !
This is a feature-packed app. Just like Laser Red, it scans barcodes, but it does much more. With Shopper, you get product recall alerts, coupons, deals, it tracks your budget, calculates the tax, lets you make shopping lists in a comprehensive way. It’s geared specifically for grocery shopping with tons of features. It only costs a dollar, but there are a couple of drawbacks : the graphics need a little improvement, and, disappointingly, it comes with ads. These are minor, though, when you consider all the pluses.
Fast Mall:
Tired of navigating through the chaos of shopping malls and having to ask information at a kiosk ? This app has a full bank of shopping malls and you can find the store you’re looking for from the app. Fast Mall will even tells you where to park your car ! If you’re planning to do your shopping in malls, you must have this free app.
This iPhone shopping app provides unbeatable deals each day on the best stuff to do in cities across the U.S. and Canada. You can buy deals, access your purchased Groupons, find the ones that are nearby, and redeem them electronically using this app.

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