10 Best Symbian^3 HD Games

Best HD Games for symbian^3 devices
Nokia N8 & C7 are great devices with Symbian^3 OS. Here are the 10 HD Games for Symbian^3 Phones Nokia N8 & C7.

Avatar HD, from James Cameron:
The good music, synchronized with the action, puts the gamer in the mood to explore the world of the Navi village, do small missions to get a feel of their way of life and find out what there is to be fighting for. There is a lot to discover and hours of action await you. 3D really brings justice to Pandora’s world. Enjoy.

Hero of Sparta HD:
Though this genre is not the most popular among mobile phone users, Hero of Sparta makes it interesting without too many compromises. Controls are a little tight, but this game is one of the best action and adventure games, and the graphics are great.

Fruit Ninja:
Fruit Ninja is a big hit on other platforms and it has been recently launched for Nokia C7 & Nokia N8. It is a juicy action game with lot of interesting features. In this game, you have to become a ninja warrior to slash the ultimate fruit. Its fun and addictive.

Angry Birds:
The mobile gaming world has been hit by a storm from Rivo : Angry Birds. This game, which has already been downloaded by millions on the other mobile platforms, is now available for Symbian^3. It’s got the same graphics and the game playing is awesome. Some may complain that some things are missing, like the Golden Eggs, for those who are familiar with the game. There are a little less levels, but the game is in its early stages and we can expect, and hope, that those little shotcomings will be taken care of. It’s free on Android, but not for Symbian^3; just a little sad, because all in all it’s a really great package !

Need for Speed Shift HD:
Need for Speed Shift HD lets us see how great the graphic capabilites of the Symbian^3 phones really are. The mind-blowing racing experience is awesome and very realistic, more than on Asphalt 5, and guess what ? it’s free ! Though it takes quite a long time to download and it has no steering touch controls, it’s still worth it.

Asphalt 5 HD:
Though the Symbian^3 version does not allow multi players, Asphalt 5 is still the epitoma of arcade gaming fun. The graphics are amazing and there are the girls, for those less interested in serious racing but who want a fun experience, arcade-style. Gentlemen, start your engines !

Labyrinth Touch:
Labyrinth Touch is perfect as a casual mobile game. When you’re stuck somewhere, like in traffic, or when you just want to play for a short while to chase boredom, you just don’t have the mindset to start all sorts of games that need heavy involvement. Lots of mazes and different kinds of balls will make you want to play it often in your spare time. A great game that promises hours of gaming fun, guaranteed !

GT Racing : Motor Academy:
Hardcore racing fans will love this one. More than 100 different cars mean 100 different racing experiences, and you can even test-drive them. This is NOT a casual game. GT Racing is trying to become THE reference of racing games. However, a major drawback is that the tracks do not look so real, but hey, it’s a mobile phone game !

Galaxy on Fire:
Though not as graphically intensive as other games, Galaxy on Fire comes with awesome visuals. The 3D effects are great and the controls are amazing. Though the real action only begins after the first levels, don’t let it fool you, it’s a great game. Oh, yeah it’s free !

Real Football 2010 HD:
This game is not officially licensed, so the players and teams aren’t real. So they use names that sound alike.  But it has many game styles, the controls are quite innovative and the visuals are great. All that makes it one of the top sports games available for Symbian^3 phones.

What games do you play usually on your Symbian^3 device? Share the games you play using comments section.

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