10 Free Handy Android Apps for UK Users

Check out the 10 free handy apps for android phone users in UK:

Catch Notes:
It is a note-taking application that helps you put your thoughts together into a large database. Google provides instant mobile jotting options, and you can use your Snaptic account to synchronise this application as well. The written notes can appear on your main screen in an icon that looks just like a post-it note.
gvSIG Mini Maps:
By supporting the official Ordnance Survey data, this mapping tool which already combines Open Street Map, Bing, Google and the others, should be quite a hit in Britain. This OS data adds postal codes to your search, which gives you much more accurate details than the other maps.
The ideal tool for the professional procrastinator! If you want to spend much more time organizing your tasks than doing them, this open-source application is for you. With Astrid, after listing your tasks, you can rank them by order of importance. It even has a timer to let you know how long you’ve been procrastinating!
Dropbox is a fantasy come true. Though it doesn’t have all the auto-syncing options of the famous desktop version, it works well. Unlike the desktop version, you have to download specific files on your phone to edit or share them but, six months ago, it was still a dream. Now it has partly come true.
London Tube Status:
London Tube Status combines departure times and last-minute travel updates. It also features a widget that shows your usual platform departure schedule. So, instead of being told you missed the train and you have to wait fourteen minutes for another one, you’ll know exactly by how long you’ve missed it ! Or you’ll know how much you have to hurry to take the next one.
Amazon UK:
It’s official : Amazon launched its Android application to replace its mobile web store. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s got all the features, like their one-click shopping cart system. All you need is to open an account with Amazon.
Beelicious is for the young generation that uses the site Delicious for their social bookmarking. It’s another of the many third-party apps for Android phones. Though the initial setup process might be a little tedious, it will help you organise yourself. Once you’re set up, all you have to do is use the browser’s “Share Page” option to send your favorite web links to your Delicious account.
With BT’s FON network, one could already borrow wi-fi in most of the public places, for free and legally. Now, with this Android application, you can borrow availble wi-fi wherever you are, by automating the sign-in process. You’ll need a BT FON username before you can use it. Very clever application !
With Shareprice, you get live updates for the price of your shares on your Android phone. You can follow your investments every hour if it pleases you.
Skifta turns your phone into a DLNA device. You can stream all household media to your Android phone and send your phone videos back. It’s got a few bugs but updates are coming regularly to the rescue.

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