10 most addictive games for iPhone

most addictive iPhone games
Check out the 10 most addictive games for iPhone:

In this amazing game, green pigs steal the eggs of the birds and all you have to do is get them back. Having unique destructive power, the angry birds try to lay waste to the pig's castles. The game consists of 240 levels and each level demands skills. Rating for this game is 4.78/5. This game is highly addictive and very popular in 62 countries and its popularity is increasing. With constant updates, this game never gets old. You'll probably play this game for hours and it costs only $0.99.

The player, in this game, has a small alien like character which leaps off from platforms to ascend higher and higher. This game is easy to run but it's difficult for you to master it. This game is a winner of "2010 Apple design Awards". By using rockets, avoiding black holes and leaping higher, the player increases his/her score. This game is also available in "Multiplayer" mode. Like Mario, jump on the monsters to bring them down. All of this fun is available to you for just $0.99. Isn't it sweet?

In Fruit Ninja, player must swipe his/her finger on the screen to slice the fruits. However, a player must be careful, not to touch the bomb, or otherwise, game over and you'll not be able to further. And if you get successful to gain high scores, you may be able to unlock some interesting stuff like flaming sword or different backgrounds. Such kind of things keeps the player interested in the game. Your success in the game will also please the Ninja Sensei who will advise you with wise words.

If you want to play a highly addictive game, Flight control is for you. Air traffic control is one of the tough jobs in the world but when you are playing "Flight Control", you are a born flight controller. Just slide a finger of yours on the screen to have a successful landing of your plane. Multiplayer mode with voice chat option is also available to you for this game. It costs $0.99 to download. This game is best to play when you are on a long car ride. But, after playing few times, you'll find yourself in addiction with this game.

Traffic Rush, also listed in the "Top 10 most successful applications of all time", is the game that you'll really enjoy. There are no signal lights, four roads intersection and the best of all; you are the one who's going to control the traffic. Just make sure that no accidents happen. With over 12 million users, this game has won the hearts of many game lovers.

Best handled game, best casual game, best puzzle game and most innovative game. All these awards go to "Cut the Rope". Help the adorable monster to get a candy in to its mouth. Your touch control must be precise and accurate for this game. Every level has different obstacles and it won't be easy every time to help that little adorable monster in getting its candy. Having a high definition visuals, this game is among favorites for the puzzle lovers. This game can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes.

One of the most popular games for iPhone, Plants vs. Zombies. Having 50 levels, this game has gathered a lot of attention. A rush of zombies is coming for you and what you have to do is to place a number of plants to stop them from reaching your home. Play to conquer all levels through day and night, fog etc. Use your mind to place the plants in their way because you have a limited supply of them available to you. The total cost is just $2.99.

In this game, player gets in control of a small bird that has tiny wings. It cannot fly much higher but surely there are hills coming on its way. You can increase the speed by tapping the screen and watch out for the night. Different islands have been mapped in the game. So, all you have to do is to beat the nighttime and gain points as much as you can. This game is surely addictive. And what it costs? Not much, just a dollar.

Physics based puzzle game in which you have to make a shortest path to get the ball from the other cat. Shorter the path, higher the score you'll get. There are almost 50 puzzles for you to solve. Having the same solution every time will make you get away from playing that puzzle. That's why, in this game, solution is not the same every time and this makes this quite more interesting. You can also make your name in the Global High Score list by submitting your score there.

Whether you are a student, an old man or a businessman, you surely have tried to throw a piece of paper (which probably you didn't like) in the trash can. But, have you ever thought that how many times you got successful in doing that. Well, this game can judge your capability of doing it. You have to throw a page in the trashcan and by doing that, your score increases. Having a global scoreboard, you can submit your score online. 

These are out list of 10 most addictive games for iPhone. What games do you play often on your iPhone? Share the games you play most on your iPhone using comments section.

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