10 Tips to Improve Android Phones Battery Life

tips to improve android battery life
Check out the ways I follow to save battery on my android powered smartphone:
  1. Avoid keeping seldom-used apps on all of the time. Be more selective of the many but power-hungry features of your phone and use them only when you really need them.
  2. Auto-sync is a feature that eats up a lot of power and, unless you really need life-management applications, or if you can do without Gmail and Google Calendar, just sync your contacts manually if you need to.
  3. One of the favorite features is status updates. But if you lower the frequency of your e-mail and Tweet notifications, it will save you some battery time, which will allow you to Tweet a message by the end of the day, instead of having to do with a dead battery.
  4. Another power-hungry feature is 3G connectivity. Unless you absolutely have to browse the web on your Android phone, you don’t need to have it on. 2G connectivity is quite suitable for calling or texting, and uses much less power. You’ll get rid of the nervousness associated with constantly wondering how much power you have left.
  5. The new OLED screens are quite impressive but, the brighter your screen is, the more power you’re using, period. You don’t have to use your phone as a flashlight, especially if you’re inside. Android has a brightness default setting which is quite helpful to improve battery life.
  6. Having a GPS system might reassure you in case of an emergency but, come on... do you really need to have it on as well ? Unless you’re in a situation which calls for exact tracking, like if you’re climbing Mount Everest all by yourself, there’s absolutely no need for it, so turn it off.
  7. On Android , there’s a menu that lets you see exactly where your battery power is going. It also acts as a kind of black box of the final minutes of your battery’s life. It will tell you what ate up most of the power at the end; this should give you an indication of what are the most power-consuming apps. There is a “Battery Use” tab that will let you have manual control, so you’ll be able to delete those apps. You can look for some alternatives on the market for the apps that were built-in like Battery widget, Super box tools etc ; it could make a difference.
  8. Using a time-sensitive power management tool is another good idea. There are many time- or location-sensitive applications on the Android phone market which are available today. An example would be this simple app called Airplane Autoswitch that terminates all radio communications when activated. All you have to do is set it to automatically get to Airplane mode at your usual bedtime, and come back to normal mode at wake-up time. You’ll save tons of power and you’ll probably sleep better, without being interrupted by the ping sounds of notifications.
  9. This will maybe sound strange to some but, even if you’re not using your phone, the battery will perform better and will use less power if the reception is better. Just as, when you’re using your phone, you’re looking for the right angle or position to get better reception, you should leave your phone in a position for best reception, near a window, for example.
  10. Most batteries now are of the modern lithium-ion type and do not require to be drained, like older batteries. In fact, they will perform much better if you charge them often and if you don’t let them go down too much.
Do you have some tips to share with us to improve battery life in Android powered phones? Pls share using comments sections.

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