15 Best Android Apps for Travelers

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you use an Android mobile phone? Then you must definitely check this apps.
Here are 15 best android apps for frequent travelers:

Google Places Directory lets you easily find nearby businesses or other places. You can browse for restaurants, hotels, banks, or movie theaters. It gives you directions and distance, photos and ratings.
This free Android app spots your location and helps you find businesses in the area you’re in and read information about them. Users can filter the businesses by “Open Now”, “Specials Offers”, “Prices” and also “Hot on Yelp”.
Google Googles:
With Google Googles, you can take a picture of an object, logo or landmark you need information on and send it to have the relevant data returned to you. It displays company names and business information in their camera preview.
Weather Bug Mobile:
This free app, using its network of weather stations, gives you live, local weather information along with satellite maps, videos, radar and alerts.
This app that includes voice recognition gives you access to the phone book, should you need to find a business address or a phone number.
Fact Book:
This application draws from the CIA World Fact Book and data from the United Nations to provide all the information you need on any country regarding their geography, government, transportation systems, population, military forces, and it’s free.
GPS Status & Toolbox:
Your GPS doesn’t give you all the information you need ? With GPS Status & Toolbox, you’ll get a compass with true north, magnetic north, a leveling tool and also data on satellite strength, speed, accuracy, bearing , acceleration and position.
Another app for weather info addicts. 10-day, 36-hour and hourly forecasts, live video, you’ve got it all on the Weather Channel.
Mileage Ledger 2.0:
For an annual cost of $8.95, this app is perfect if you need to keep records of business mileage. It tracks your mileage automatically, using GPS.
If you need to track fuel mileage, expenses and maintenance of your car, this app is for you. It will tell you when it’s time to change the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs etc.
For US and Canada. This app lets you know the real-time price of gas within your area, using maps. You can report gas price changes and win free gas, by the way.
Trip Journal:
For $1.99, let your friends and family follow your itinerary. Trip Journal integrates with Google Earth and it tracks the stats of your trip, including the geography, time and distance in real-time.
US Traffic:
It keeps you up to date with traffic in your area, anywhere in the USA, along with incident reports.
With aCurrency, you can convert more than 160 currencies with hourly updates. Historical charts can be consulted as well.
You don’t have to be in Manhattan to find a cab with Cab4me. Using a database of taxi companies and stands, it places the call for you.
What travel apps do you use frequently on your Android smartphone? Share the apps you use using comments section.

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