15 Handy Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S

Check out the 15 handy android apps for Samsung Galaxy S:

Exchange Rates:
A currency converter app showing current rates of exchange. The app is free and there are no ads in it.
Phonebook 2.0:
If you’re looking for a different way of managing your contacts, there is Phonebook. It displays your contacts, along with information like unread messages, missed calls. It even reminds you of your contact’s birthday.

iPhone users know about Foursquare, but this app can now be used on Android for your social-networking needs. Check the leader board and the places you visit.
Another solid pick for location-based networking application on Android.
Juice Defender:
A very useful app if you want to extend the life of your battery. The app manages your battery-sensitive components and your mobile connectivity. For example, it will switch from 3G to 2G mode when you’re not using your phone and, below a certain level of battery power, it will switch off the Wi-Fi. You can customize it for your personal needs.
Whether your online friends are on Yahoo, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, My Space, Facebook, Google Talk, StudiVZ Hyves,AIM or ICQ, you’ll be able to connect with them for free.

If you want to protect your phone, Lookout will help. It backs up your data and provides protection against viruses, hackers or malware. It will even help you find your stolen or lost phone using a map from the Web. And, if you still can’t find it, you can wipe out the data on it or make it “scream”.
Titanium Backup:
There’s a suggested $5.95 donation for this powerful backup free app. Even protected apps can be restored along with their data and links. It will save your Wi-Fi access points and your phone settings.

App Protector Pro:
For $1.99, protect your Android applications using passwords. Ideal for extra security for your photos, e-mails, SMS and more.
This free app will let you access all your mobile, home and office voicemail boxes on your Android phone. It can also receive FAXes and display them.
This free app is a collaboration tool for individuals, companies or teams who want to share documents and update them on the go.
For $29.99, you will be able to access your computers, Windows and Mac, and all their files securely from your Android phone, so you will always have access to them if you’re away.
Document Scanner:
For only $2.99, you’ll be able to scan documents using your phone’s camera and convert them to PDF format. You can then e-mail your documents to anyone, and even upload them to Google Docs.
TiKL-Touch to Talk:
If you want to save some minutes, you can use your Android phone as a walkie-talkie with other Android users, without having to use additional hardware. On 3G and 4G networks, communication
Vlingo is a free Android app that lets you operate your phone by voice, which comes in handy when your hands are tied. So you can call, tweet, text or update your Facebook status securely. You can use it with a Bluetooth wireless headset as well.
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