5 Best Android Apps for Students

Check out the 5 best and must have Android apps for students:

Evernote is a fantastic little app to take down notes on your phone on the go which will automatically sync with the notes on computer in your evernote account. You can also record message and be able to sync it. You can have multiple set of notebooks and also can able to organize them in easy to find manner.
If you want to scan your documents quick and easily then try the DroidScan; this is absolutely great. You can scan the documents using your phone camera and then can even create them as a PDF format file. It is great because the app will take the photo and then enhance the photo so that it is perfect for reading, anything in the picture like unwanted shadow or mark from the camera will be removed automatically.
Recordoid :
If you want a Dictaphone then you have to go for the Recordoid app; you can record whatever notes you want to through your phone by your voice and then will be able to play them back. Great if you need to memorise a passage from a book. It is great for people who keeps on forgetting few things because you can record them down and play them back to remember the sentences you usually forget. The Recordoid app is better than recording straight into your phone because it is much clearer and also easy to listen back.
Share Your Board:
If you want a great student app then go for Share Your Board; if you are a student sitting in class and need the lecture notes then you can take your phone and the Share Your Board app will snap the whiteboard getting all of the much needed notes. So far everyone has seem to love this nifty little app.
If you want to capture the whiteboard then you just need to point and shoot; the app will do all the necessary hard work like detecting the whiteboard edges, snapping whatever is on the board etc. You will get the best possible image because the app also works on enhancing the picture to bring you the best notes on the board.

This is just another great student app for your android phone. Students are needed to meet a lot of deadlines when it comes to assignments. You will need something that is going to keep you on track and remembering the deadlines you have. That is where KTodo comes in use; you can write down the due dates for your assignments and it will notify you about them. You can note the assignments you have finished, look it up at a later day and find which assignments you still have to finish.

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