5 Best Productivity Apps for WP7

Check out the 5 best productivity Apps for your windows phone 7:

Your Windows Phone 7 becomes a remote control for your PowerPoint presentations with Virtual Remote Presenter. Browse through your diaporama by finger swiping or use its D-Pad buttons. It’s ideal for readable thumbnails of very high quality for your presentation, and it supports both the main laptop screen and the beamer screen. To keep track of your presentation’s timing, there’s an on-screen timer. You can escape, start or resume the full-screen mode at all times from your phone. Virtual Remote Presenter supports both Bluetooth (Win7 , Vista) and WiFi (XP, Win7,Vista). Download the desktop client from HERE.
You don’t need to have a secretary following you around all day putting order in your life. But here’s an app that will do much more than that. Have you ever dreamed of being able to remember all the things you’ve done in your life, all those notes you’ve written, all those snapshots you’ve taken but can’t remember where you’ve stored them, those recordings you enjoyed ? Millions of people are using Evernote worldwide, because it litterally becomes an extension of your brain, when you’re using a smart phone or a tablet. It synchronizes your phone or tablet with your main desktop, Windows or Mac, or with the Web. You can create notes in text, audio, even photos. You can have text with photos and you can search either by photos or by text, for example. A very interesting feature of Evernote is that it includes geo-location data for mapping or search. A super app !
Amazon Kindle:
Access more than 750,000 books on your WP7 with this Kindle app, including new releases and best-sellers. The interface is easy to use and looks great. Amazon Whispersync will sync your highlights, notes, bookmarks and last page read with your other devices, so you can pick up your reading where you left without having to go back to your phone. Very smart.
It has happened to everyone of us : you spend time in a large mall or shopping center and you can’t find your car on the way out, you forgot where you parked it; it can be quite frustrating! Findmycar is definitely the best app on the marketplace for that problem, because it remembers for you. Just click the “find my car” button when you’re ready and Findmycar’s navigation system will direct you back to your car. Simple as that. A great app.
With Poynt, you can turn your WP7 phone into a powerful utility and entertainment tool, not just your everyday mobile communication device anymore! When you’re on the go, you can connect with events, retailers or local businesses. Since it operates with GPS and WiFi, your search location is automatically entered. You’re one click away from the nearest business you’re looking for. But you can still enter a different search location by simply selecting it.

There are no other local search tools that can give you more accurate, more relevant information, and the best part is, you’ve guessed it... it’s free!
What Productivity apps do you use on your WP7 phone? Share the apps you use using comments section.

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