5 must have iPhone Apps that may save you from Disasters

What happened in Japan recently should remind us that disaster may strike at any time, so we should be prepared, with the help of some handy iPhone applications, to face extreme situations, like floods, earthquakes, or fires. Many apps are now available to help you feel more secure. Here are the 5 must have iPhone apps, we recommend to save yourself from disasters.

Disaster Radar:
The app helps you keep up with disasters happening all over the globe, using a world map to pinpoint the events, show the level of emergency and provide details of interest.
iTsunami :
This app tracks tsunami warnings and notifies you first thing, even before the sirens start sounding.
If you live in an earthquake-prone area, Earthquakes app is for you. Not only does it monitor seismic activity around the world, but it connects you automatically to the U.S. Geological Survey site. Cost is only $1.99.
Disaster Survival Guide:
This app  helps you with planning emergency procedures in case of a disaster. How to have plenty of food and water, what to expect when grocery stores are empty or if you have to evacuate, etc. A must have.
This app costs only $0.99 and lets you monitor disasters closer to your area. Alerts4Me takes your location into account and gives you real-time alerts and advisories. If anything nasty is coming your way, it will let you know. It also provides you with a list of resources for emergency situations.
Hope these iPhone apps may save you at crucial times.

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