Facial Augmented Reality App for iPad 2

Facial Augmented Reality App for iPad 2
After Apple confirmed that its iPad 2 would be using dual cameras, it was to be expected that a ton of new fun applications would hit the scene. The first one on the app market is AR Magic Mirror. It’s a facial augmentation/reality app for the iPad2. One can display images from front- and rear-facing cameras on the iPad 2 screen and then add accessories, glasses, wigs and what not in real time on the screen.

Another interesting feature of the AR Magic Mirror is facial recognition. It tracks your facial features so you can add any enhancement to them. It’s easy to see that this app will be developed further to become an avatar creator or a powerful makeover tool. And the good news is that it’s free from the Apple stores.

Check out the video demo of facial augmented reality app for iPad 2:

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