FireFox 4 Mobile for Android Released & its Review

firefox for android phone
Are you a fan of Firefox on the laptop and have an android phone in your hand? Then this is a good news for you. Mozilla has recently launched its web browser for Android phones. With this app you can goo from desktop to mobile without interruption.

It's fast, easy to use and completely customizable. And it's built on the same great platform as our desktop version. So you can take your Firefox anywhere you go.

With Firefox for Android, you can synchronize your history, bookmarks, tabs and passwords between all your computers and mobile devices. Discover and install add-ons right from your phone or tablet to customize your browser exactly the way you like. Type less with the Awesome Screen, which gives you one-tap access to your bookmarks, history and custom list of search engines. Tabbed browsing allows for easy navigation and fast switching between Web sites with just one swipe of your finger.

Also Firefox for Android is available in over 10 languages.

Download the app for FREE from market.

Also check out the Firefox 4 review on Android:

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