Hockey Nations 2011 Pro for iPhone now Available!

Hockey Nations 2011 Pro for iPhone
Hockey nations 2011 Pro for iPhone will turn any puckhead into an international ice warrior with an axe to grind. It is jam-packed with ice hockey action across 7 game modes from practice mode to world league. When combined with the wi-fi and bluetooth multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friends to this fun iPhone game of survivor on ice with some hockey served on the side.

Some of the features of the game are:
  • 18 international teams: Canada, finland, sweden, denmark, norway, germany, austria, switzerland, france, latvia, czech republic, belarus, slovakia, slovenia, great britain, japan and russia.
  • 40 customizable city teams: Now you can customize the city and the team name to match your favorite team from anywhere in the world and bag the trophy from the playoff cup.
  • Real-time wi-fi and bluetooth multiplayer: Grab a friend and serve them a challenge with real-time wi-fi & bluetooth multiplayer.
  • 7 action-packed game modes: Dive into the action with 7 game modes including world league, go for gold, shootout, exhibition, playoff, practice and multiplayer.
  • Fight it out: Gloves are off – now bring on the pain!
  • Outstanding visuals & intuitive controls: Enjoy the sleek 3d graphics and realistic motion-captured animations on iPhone. Intuitive controls let you dive into the game without complex tutorials.
Download the app for $2.99 from iTunes.

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