HootSuite adds LinkedIn Support for Blackberry

Hootsuite for blackberry phones
HootSuite, an essential tool for managing social networks, which helps you update your social networks, monitor conversations, and track results, had supported Facebook and Twitter apps on Blackberry until now. You can't say "social network" without mentioning LinkedIn. Hoosuite has recently released an update which includes excess to LinkedIn. Apart from LinkedIn, this new updated version has also it's other perks. Now you can do searches on Facebook, create favorites and edit lists on Twitter. You can still check in with Foursquare, an app that helps you explore the city.

Some of other changes include bug fixes including improvements to account import, you have the ability to choose recently-replied-to contacts in compose screen, you have the possibility to reply to all incoming tweets at the same time.

What is really good about these apps is that you can plug into web networking client and schedule different kinds of posts to social network. These apps are a really useful thing if you are into social networks, and especially into professional social networks, such as LinkedIn. This app keeps them all in one place. It's an easy access to every social network you like.

Download the updated version of Hootsuite for FREE.

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