HTC Mozart gets Copy Paste Feature!

HTC Mozart Phone ROM with copy paste
Microsoft was criticized for leaving out many basic features on their OS-WP7 phones. The WP7 phone lacks basic copy-paste feature. Microsoft announced that they will add this feature by end of March via NoDo update.

People at XDA developers, who deal with a lot of features and firmware for Android, WP7 phones, have found a leaked ROM for one of the HTC phone. They found it on HTC Mozart. This ROM is going to make copy and paste functionality on the phone along with the speed improvement. Those who had tried it are saying that they are pretty satisfied with it.

Infact HTC Mozart is the first WP7 phone to get copy and paste functionality. This is still unofficial because Microsoft will release the NoDo update in a couple of weeks.

Download the new ROM for HTC Mozart from HERE.

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