LG Optimus 2X Dual-core Smartphone Preview

LG has always tried to be among the top-notch manufactures who always have something new to present to their users. This month Europe is expecting word's first dual-core smartphone. It was already presented in Korea in January and it's release in Europe is expected in February.

This phone is much faster than any other single-core phone on the market. It has advanced graphics, improved browsing speed and even mirroring. This phone has 1080p video recording and playback. When it comes to gaming, there is no other phone that can present graphics and console-like gaming experience like this phone can.

One of it's best feature is the HMDI mirroring which allows you to play a motion-sensitive game on your TV and hence having an ultimate gaming experience.

LG has teamed up with NVIDIA on this project. They have provided a NVIDIA Tegra 2 superchip on this phone. So now, for the first time users will be able to play against other players who are using different devices. In our new age era, people are actually looking to have a pocket computer, not a regular phone. And this is something NVIDIA Tegra 2 superchip has offered to users. This chip has 1GHz Cortex-A9 CPU cores and eight GeForce GPU cores. Tegra 2-powered dual-core smartphone is a revollutionary phone that will set new standards with phone manufacturers.Every gamer willl be surprised with what this phone has to offer. Multitasking maniacs will be absolutely blown away by it.

When it comes to sound, this phone has a 7.1 multi-channel virtual surround sound, which is the best sound quality you can have on today's phone.

This phone comes with 8GB memory, Micro-USB connectivity and a 8-megapixel rear camera / 1.3-megapixel front camera. This phone will have an Android 2.2 platform, and will be able to be upgraded to 2.3 Gingerbread.

Hope the phone will become a bit hit in LG Optimus series

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