MultiWeb iPad Browser allows both Tab Navigation and Spplited screen at same time!

MultiWeb browser for iPad
With MultiWeb browser for iPad, you can navigate on web using tabs and load multiple pages simultaneously.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Allows to move one tab to other pane when using spplited view.
  • Full Screen mode.
  • Allows to open many tabs, and simultaneous loading.
  • Recognize multitouch gestures, executing commands customized by the user.
  • Private mode allows you to browse without leave traces.
  • Locks orientation with one touch when needed.
  • Identify browser as another (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc)
  • Close other tabs feature with one touch.
  • Supports vertical and horizontal orientation.
  • Google search box.
  • Optionally allows to open a link without need to loose time holding for some seconds.
  • Bookmark list organized with folders.
Download the app for FREE from iTunes.

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