New Flick application for Windows Phone 7

Flickr for windows phone 7
Flickr is one of the most favorite and largest photo services on internet. Almost every person will have uploaded pictures on it at least once. Good news is that your favorite photo service is now available on Windows Phone 7. Here is what you can do on your phone and your windows 7 tablet, if you install Flicker:
  • You can get in touch with your friends on flicker. You can see their latest news, updates and activities.
  • You always want to describe why the photo was taken or right a short story about where it was taken etc? Well you have a possibility for that with a new "Context View". You can zoom out from a photo and get information about other photos in that group or on a map.
  • It is perfect for resolution that Window 7 tablets has. Just click on the screen and enjoy a full screen photo at its best. You will be amazed with the details if you zoom in the picture. 
  • You will experience a seamless transition between your Windows phone 7 to your Windows 7 tablet.
This application is a real eye candy! To download the app, just search for it in windows marketplace on your mobile or download via Zune from HERE.

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