Plug in Launcher for Android automatically launches app when a cable is connected

plug in launcher app for android
Another interesting thing coming from the Android developers is the app called Plug in Launcher. What it does is that it launches an app of your choice as soon as a cable of USB or headphones connected to the phone.

Actually, the phone can be connected to more than just one device at the time. You can connect the phone to your headphones and to a USB cable. You can choose to play winamp player as soon as the phone detects that there are headphones connected to it, and you can for instance choose to play a game as soon as your USB cable is plugged in. You will always see an on-screen message asking you what kind of app would you like to launch.

The best thing is that this app doesn't use much of the phone's memory. Only 5.7 mb and what's even better is this app has the ability to restart itself .

It is a free and useful app for your android phone. Download the app from market. Some of users think that this app should be pre-installed in Android phones; it is yet to see how the mobile manufacturers will respond to that.

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