Skyfire 3.0 is now available for iPhone

Good news for Facebook users. Skyfire has officially announced the release of the newest version – Skyfire 3.0 for iPhone. Finally Apple allowed users to experience the same social media features the users of an Android phones have. This revolutionary browser will bring full Facebook experience to iPhones. Skyfire 3.0 has integrated a lot of new things, especially facebook's social graph. You can enjoy rich multimedia and "Like" button on every webpage. By clicking on it you will let your friends know what you have been reading and what you like. It is all available with a single click.

Apart from these Facebook innovations, Skyfire has not only become more social friendly browser, it's has become more than that. You can also watch videos, which will have a smooth playback. Flash video playback is significantly improved in this version of Skyfire. When it comes to social factor, whatever page you are on, you will be able to see how your friends like its content. You will also have an opportunity to share the page with your friends on Facebook.

Download the Skyfire 3.0 for iPhone from HERE.

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