SPB Wireless Monitor for Android tracks the heavy traffic

SPB Wireless Monitor for Android
SPB Software recently released Wireless monitor to the Android phones. This app can help users a lot. It can measure data traffic with any kind of connection on the phone. It can be GPRS, Wi-fi, 3G it doesn't matter.

Users can choose what kind of report they want to get. It can be daily, monthly or any other custom period users choose. Another neat feature is this report can be transfered to your computer, as CSV files.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Per-application reports (for Android 2.2+ devices)
  • Cost reports
  • Mobile and WiFi traffic reports
  • Warnings when exceeding spending limits
  • Export to CSV
  • 330+ pre-defined service plans
  • Home screen widget
The price is little high. The app can be downloaded for $9.95 from market. Developers in SPB are trying to get you to work fastest possible.

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