Speedball 2 Evolution for iPhone now available!

Speedball 2 Evolution for iPhone
Good old games are back. You have learned how you can you play Supermario on iPhone, and now it's time for you to find out how you can play a good old game of Speedball. Speedball 2 is now available for iPhone.

What is this game? It's a mixture of handball and ice hockey. The rules of the game are pretty simple. There are two teams in the game, with 9 players each. Your goal is to take a ball from the player in the opponent's team and score a goal. Violence is what it makes this game so thrilling. The best part is that you can play it against another player who will also use an iPhone. Maybe this game sounds ridiculous for you but you should definitely try it and see for yourself. We are sure that you won't have the lack of excitement.

The game has the following features available: transfer market, tilt-based control scheme and Game Center integration.

It is available on iTunes, for just $3.99. That is a really low price for such a cool game, we must say.

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