Sprint HTC EVO 3D, Evo View Tablet & Nexus S 4G Debuting Soon?

Sprint HTC tablet, Evo 3G, Nexus S 4G Soon
The next generation of gadgets is ready to be present – they are Samsung Nexus S 4G, HTC EVO 3D, and Evo View Tablet. The market has expanded so fast that every week we have something new to write about. Last week it was Motorola's Atrix 4G, which was laptop-compatible. This gadget had something to offer, we have never seen before. Is it the same with these three new goodies ?

Not quite. These devices are not offering something unseen before. All of them are either rebrandings or revamps of the products we already know. Like this new Nexus S 4G is actually a good old Samsung Galaxy S, just with WiMax support. Experts have just not yet discovered what HTC EVO 3D is. It can be that it is a HTC EVO 4G, just 3D capable. When it comes to the newest HTC tablet, all we can say about it is that it is possibly just a rebranded Flyer unit. We are still going to see how users respond to these new gadgets.

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