Thrutu App for Android brings new in-call functions

Thrutu app for android phones
Thrutu for Android brings new fun and function to the phone call.  With this app you can share location, contacts, photos and more – all at the touch of a button.

Thrutu comes with five different buttons, each a fun and easy way to share information and media during a conversation. They are:
  1. Location: Callers can see each other’s position update live on a map.
  2. Camera: Snap and share a photo during a call.
  3. Gallery: Select and share a photo from those already stored on the phone.
  4. Contacts: Share contact details that will appear instantly in the other caller’s address book.
  5. Prod: For the first time, you can convey touch in a phone call. Playfully poke the other person by causing their phone to vibrate during the call.
Download the Thrutu App for FREE from market place.

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