Turn your Android phone into Nintendo 64 console

N64oid for android
Good news for all old school game lovers. Remember Nintendo 64? Well since now old school games are making an entry, here is something you can do on your Android phone.

Now it is possible to turn your Android phone into an old school Nintendo 64 console. You can reminder yourself on all games you loved to play as a child. The price is very low – for just $5.99 you can get all this.

This super emulator is called the N64oid. It is possible to play almost every game you can imagine from the good old Nintendo 64. Your phone turns into a Nintendo 64 console. You control the game with on-screen controls. Don't worry people who made this available, took care that these controls don't get in your way, while you are playing. You also have a couple of cool features – you can also play the song you like during the game and you have a possibility to save the game. You can even use a G-sensor as an analogue stick.

Of course, this emulator is far from a perfect Nintendo 64 emulator. Developers, who are working on it, are promising a better version in the nearest future.

Download the app for $5.99 from android market.

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