WhoIsIt Android App provides great customization to your contact ringtones & vibrations

Who is it android app
WhoIsIt App is a ringtone, notification and profile manager for Android phones.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Setup different ringtones and vibration patterns for Gmail, SMS, MMS, Google Talk, Google Voice, and K-9 for each contact.
  • Announce (speak) incoming caller, Gmail, and SMS/MMS sender.
  • Gmail account-based ringtones.
  • Define different volume/vibration profiles.
  • Setup contact-specific vibration patterns.
  • Profile scheduling.
  • Assign VIP contacts for phone calls, Gmail, SMS and MMS.
  • Allow VIPs to ring if phone is on Silent.
  • Two Profile Widgets (Select / Toggle).
  • Facebook Integration. Option to update status upon profile change (manual or automatic).
  • Block unknown callers.
  • Unknown caller ringtone.
  • Unknown caller vibration pattern.
  • Tasker and Locale plug-in for profile switching.
Download the app for $1.99 from market.

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