Why should you Jailbreak iPhone?

Jailbreaking iPhone provides you lots of additional features. Jay Freeman(saurik) and Britta Gustafson, tells why and how to jailbreak your iPhone using Cydia:


iPhone Apps of the Day: TweetDeck, World Race, Wolfenstein 3D

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 iPhone apps of the day:

TweetDeck helps you to use Facebook as well as Twitter on your phone with more ease. You can easily tweet, retweet, send updates, direct message, or mention on Twitter with the help of this app. You can also post to multiple Twitter accounts.
Talking about facebook, just tap your screen to see notifications, status updates, wall posts, likes, comments etc. TweetDeck is fully flexible and highly customizable. You can even decide what you want to see from these sites and it will let you see that stuff.
You can easily see the conversation on Twitter and comments on Facebook in detail. If you want to send long posts, it will not be a problem at all if you have TweetDeck. Experience the world of your social network at your fingertips. Now, let’s talk about its price. Any guess? Well, it’s free.
World Race:
Here’s is your chance to race in different cities of different countries. You’ll get realistic experience while playing it. Graphics are amazing and adds more beauty to this game. You’ll experience traffic just like you experience in your daily life. You’ll find yourself going through different cities of the world while sitting at your sofa, chair etc.
Cities like Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, London, New York and many more are included in this game. Feel the speed by racing to so many different beautiful locations. The game is available but you have to pay $.99 only. Well, this isn’t much amount if you want to play this cool game.
Wolfenstein 3D classic Pro:
This is a legendry original game. Make a way out of the castle Wolfenstein and defeat Nazi regime. It looks easy but it’s not. Some of the Nazi’s treasurer is stolen. Find the hidden secrets that will lead you to the treasure. You’ll also find weapons, health etc on your way which will help you in advancing to the next level. You can also see a map that will let you know about the places you have already explored.
The touch of a first person shooter game with advanced and modern technology has made this game to become popular. This game has a total of about 60 levels and amazing weapons. Shortly, You’ll enjoy playing it. It costs $0.99 only. Try this game now.

New Google Docs app for Android Released

Google Docs app for Android
Google has just released Google Docs app for the Android Platform, with which you will be able to do your office work On the Go. With this app you will be able to create, edit and share your docs from anywhere, just stay connected.

This app will help you to filter and search your content on your Google account and then with the help of Mobile Editors you can easily edit the document. This app will also allow you to open your important documents straight from your Gmail. A widget is also available there as an option, with the help of which you can jump to your Starred documents, you can take photo and upload it to your account and one more option will allow you to create a new document just with a one tap. So that’s cool!

One of the HOT features of this App: You can add pictures to your Documents using your phone’s Camera with the help of optical character recognition (OCR). Just Select the Option ‘Document from Photo' or Tap the Camera icon on the widget. The document will move to the Document lists after you snap the list. You can also use the photos which are already present in your phone. OCR is a good feature but it has got a few more things to deal with.

Overall Google Docs for Android is a nice App. Download the app for FREE from market.

Android Apps of the Day: Dragon Hunter, Death Worm, TurboFly 3D

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 Android Apps of the day:

Dragon Hunter:
In this game you have to kill the dragons in order to defend your castle. The game is very much like tower defense. You can kill the dragons with the help of arrows. When you kill dragons, you will get coins and those coins will than let you buy more powerful arrows and other stuff as well. If your castle is damaged, you can repair it with the help of your repairman. You can pay more coins to repairman to recruit more and speed up the repairing process. Different types of magic are also available like ice magic, wind magic etc what you can use. This game is available for free to download.
Death Worm:
This game is cool, attractive and addictive. It has touched the mark of over million downloads. That proves how much people love this game. In this game, you are controlling an underground creature. What you have to do is to eat people, Destroy cars and tanks and armies, even the aliens. It’s simple to understand this game but it is really hard to complete all the 45 levels.

You can choose from 3 worms to attack on 30 different types of enemies. You have a bunch of enemies and you have to kill them all, this game has got really cool graphics that also supports HD. This game has also earned so many awards including top 50-indie games of all times.

This game costs $2.99 only but this is a limited time offer so get this as soon as you can.
TurboFly 3D:
This game is specially for the person who loves racing games. This is a 3D racing games and its ships and tracks make it unique from others. It has 3 types of game modes: Normal, Endurance and pursuit. All of these 3 modes are really innovative and you would like to play for hours. You can choose from the 8 different tracks. There are almost 22 levels which you have to complete and you have total of 5 ships available which contain different weapons. You can choose according to your style and desire. You can also compete with your friends by mastering all levels and submitting your score online.

Some of the features discussed above are of full version. Full version is available for $2.0 and if you want to play for free, you can do it as 2 ships, 2 modes and 2 tracks are available for free.

Sony Ericsson LiveView Review

PhoneArena reviews the Sony Ericsson LiveView, Bluetooth watches. Sony Ericsson have created their fair share of these over the last decade with their MBW line allowing you to control music playback and see who's calling you without having to take your handset out of your pocket. So what's so special about the LiveView, check the below video to know:


Motorola Droid X2 Preview

motorola droid x2 preview
After the launch of Droid X, expectations from its upcoming successor, the Droid X2 is very high. We don’t have any idea when it will be officially announced but it’s expected that it will hit the markets in Q2 or Q3 of this year. Leaks of this phone have already started popping up on the internet. We also got the Expected Specs of the Phone via one of our source.

Specs of Droid X2:
  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • QHD LCD Display – 540 x 960 Resolution (Same as Motorola Bionic)
  • 3G Only – No LTE/4G
  • 8MP Rear Facing Camera (No Front Cam)
  • Froyo (Android 2.2) – Could get Gingerbread (Adnroid 2.3) before launch
  • New Moto Blur (Same as Droid Bionic)
  • FM Radio
  • Locked/Encrypted BootLoader
  • Launch in Q2 of 2011
  • No Hardware Camera button
According to the Specs this phone is targeting the speed like other Moto phones. This one is going to come with a dual-core processor of 1 GHz powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2. So we can see some good graphics performance in this phone. It will also have 1GB of RAM, so that’s another thing which is pointing out the Speed Factor.

The leaked pictures and the videos of the phone showed that it was running on Android Froyo (v2.2) but we are expecting that it will hit the markets with Android Gingerbread (v2.3). The Phone will have QHD LCD Display of 4.3 inches (Resolution 960 x 540) which is similar to Motorola Droid Bionic – Another member of Droid Family which was showed off in CES 2011.

The phone will also have a 8 Megapixel Camera, but the thing which disappointed us after watching the Video Leaks was the absence of Physical Camera button. This was present in its predecessor. Another thing which gave us a shock was the absence of a Secondary Camera. So you will find yourself in front of the backside of the phone while talking to your friend on a video chat.

In terms of connectivity, Phone will be coming up with a 3G connection only. 4G/LTE Connectivity option is unavailable for this phone. Well Like other Motorola Phones this phone also, won’t be giving you the access to the Bootloader. By the way it will have the New Moto Blur feature Similar to Droid Bionic.

7 Best Beauty Apps for iPhone

Check out the 7 best Beauty Apps for iPhone:

Hair Make Over:
If you want to change anyone’s hairstyle, you can do it by using one of the best fashion apps available for your phone. Hair Make Over, with over 250 different hairstyles available, can help you to have fun by checking different hairstyles. It doesn’t consume much of the RAM and you can check one hairstyle in less than a minute. Isn’t it cool? So, get this app and enjoy using it.
Yeah, you don’t want to get fat but imagine what if you would? How would you look like? You don’t have to be fat to see how you look like. Simply try this app. By changing your face appearance, this app lets you know what your face will look like if you’ll get fat. This app is really fun. Everyone should try this.
This beautiful app is created by Givaudan, the world leader in fragrance creation. You know what kinds of fragrances you like. With this great app, you can search for the new fragrances by keeping the track of the fragrances that you like. You wouldn’t have seen such an app till now. If you wish to buy a new perfume, you don’t have to go through every shop now because this app will search from the database of 4000 fragrances for similar scents that you like.
Beauty Minder:
Now you can have this beauty assistant with you wherever you go. If you have beauty appointments and you want to get reminded about them, you should try this app. You can have all your beauty resources like appointments, nail colors etc within this app. Mapping function is also available within the app.
Beauty Product:
A lot and a lot of beauty products come in the market on daily basis and you don’t have time to watch and check them all. But you want to check them. Don’t you? With the help of this app, you can check out the new and hot stuff in the market and which beauty product you want to buy. If M.A.C and Clinique are your favorite brands, you can view their products too. In fact, this app contains over 50,000 products and it’s free to use. So, try this app now.
You can search from over 50,000 ingredients in the Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients format. If you want to know about any ingredient, type the name of that ingredient and search results will show you the names in red, orange and green colors that will let you know whether that ingredient is great, good or bad respectively.
Are you hot?
Are you hot or not? This app is created to answer you this question. This app is a funny Augmented Reality application for the iPhone that lets you see if your friends are hot or not! Simply point your iPhone at a friend and know the answer.
Also check out:

Angry Birds Ported on Nokia E5, Symbian s60v3 device

Popular mobile game Angry Birds has been ported on Nokia E5, a symbian s60v3 device. Check out the video of its plays on Nokia E5. Its as easy as on touch screen devices.


30 Best iPhone Wallpapers

Check out the 30 best wallpapers of iPhone, collected by me:
Best iPhone Wallpapers

iPhone Wallpapers

iPhone 4 wallpapers

mobile wallpapers

download iPhone walls



Hey Gamers! We know that you were waiting for XPERIA PLAY to arrive near your stores and like you, we were also feeling the excitement about this phone. Now sales of this phone have started and were not that far behind to grab this one to add more in our lot. So let’s check this one out, what it has got and what you can do with it.

First Thoughts:
The expectations from this phone were very high and in the first look we thought that, Yes this is the next Gen Gaming device for all the gamers, just by its design. The phone looks SEXY - with nice curves and a bold body. But Buddy, don’t go on the looks, watch carefully. The quality of the plastic used for building the Shell of the phone is not so good. That will create some sort of problems in the future. After paying such a high price we were expecting to have some great build quality. Screen also gave bad results when we took the phone outdoors.

The PlayStation mode:
Now let’s take a look at the feature of this phone i.e. The PlayStation mode. After reading about the Build Quality you must be wondering how well the PlayStation mode does. Well, it was good. The Gamepad is like PSP Go, with the direction controls, the four standard buttons, touch analogs and the shoulder buttons also. The Slide-Out mechanism of the gamepad is pretty cool. So will give a plus point for that. While playing we felt that shoulder buttons were too sensitive but we got adjusted to it after playing a few times. You get 6 games pre-installed with this phone. The one which we liked the most was CRASH! Other games didn’t have our attention but can’t say about. You can also download any game by paying the valid price for it.

Sound quality :
The Sound quality will not let you down. This is a mid-ranged volume phone and it gave us decent Sound Output while we were on the speakers. The bundled headphones are also good. On the left of the phone you also get a 3.5mm audio jack, so don’t hesitate to put your favorite headsets in. You also get a volume rocker which is present between the two shoulder buttons.

Phone is powered by Scorpion Processor of 1GHz and an Adreno 205 GPU. So that takes care of the performance of the phone. But the thing which will let you down is it’s RAM. It has got just 512 MB of RAM and the worst part of it, only 400 MB of RAM is available while using an application on the phone.

Phone has got a 5 Megapixel Camera with an LED Flash. The still pictures taken by the camera in the daylight were pretty good. But again, this one has also got a bad side. Even after an LED Flash in a Dark room you will get decent quality of pictures. The Video Recording of the phone is bad. The recorded videos at resolutions below 800 x 480 were good. But video recorded at 800 x 480 disappointed us.

The Storage is not a problem at all. You can have Storage upto 32 GB via microSD card slot. The good thing is that you get a 8 GB card bundled with this phone. So you can carry lots of stuffs with you anytime, anywhere.

Battery Power:
Now let’s take a look on the battery power of the phone. It has got a 1500mAh of battery which we thought (before testing) is good. But the results it showed disappointed us. Huh! Not again we were already tired by figuring out minus points of the Phone and here it comes again. In the Phone mode battery’s life ended up in just 24 hours! We didn’t do anything wrong. We charged the phone fully.
Yeah! We checked it and then we did usual things what a Smartphone user will do. We checked our mail, logged into our Facebook and twitter accounts, listened just a few minutes of music and browsed some pictures and web for few minutes. And rest of the time the phone was in the Stand-by. And it ended up in just 24 hours. Really disappointing! Don’t ever dare to leave your charger when you leave for your office. We thought that the battery will disappoint us again in the PlayStation Mode. But No, we were wrong (FINALLY!). The battery performed well in the Playstation mode and we played our favorite games for quite a long time.

Final Thoughts:
Finally we would say that this phone has got “Something in Everything”. It disappointed in many ways. The expectations from this one were quite high and it hasn’t come up to that. We’d like to keep our Android Phone in One Pocket and PSPGo in the other. Priced so high, we’d say that if you have got bucks you can definitely give it a try, as it will not let you down while gaming. But if you don’t have that much and you were saving each a bit for this, wait for the next version of the XPERIA Play or get some other Android Device.

Amazon shakes hands with Verizon, $25 credit for Verizon Android Users

Amazon $25 credit to verizon android appstore
Nobody wondered that an online retailer, Amazon will open up its own Android App Store. But yes, they have come up with all new App Store. This really made everybody to think why Amazon did this, but your answer will definitely come after the launch of Amazon’s Rumored Tablet. In competition with Android Market you will get apps at discounted rates and another thing which is going to attract many Andro users will be “Free App of the Day feature”. Currently there are more than 7500 apps present in the Amazon’s App Store. So will it give the competition to the Android market with this much of resources? Well you can’t leave a point behind that Amazon is retailer of all the products. And if it succeeds to bring digital goods like music, movies and books to the App Store then this will definitely attract a lot of Android Users.

According to the latest news, Android has partnered with Verizon. People who are looking for an Android Phone of Verizon then you will love to hear this that you will get phone at discounted rates as well you will get $25 credit to spend on Amazon’s Android App Store. So this will definitely allow you to download some of your favorite paid apps and games.

As Android is an open source product, everybody is allowed to customize their Android in whatever the way they want. Amazon has taken the step and Jeff Bezos is leading from the front. Let’s see what happens.

iOS Apps of the day: appEasy, TapDefense, FeedRunner with Push

Here are the mobiledownloadblog's 3 iOS Apps of the day:

Everyone knows the Apple app store to download apps. But, when you search for the app, you have millions of apps and you often miss the hottest and cool apps available for iPhone. appEasy solves this problem. This app, in many ways, filters apps in different categories. You can have the hottest apps in your phone with the help of this app. If any app is recently updated, you’ll get to know about it. This app also contains the best search feature that lets you find and download the most famous apps easily.
Some apps have limited time offers. If you have this app in your phone, it will let you know about such apps. And the best thing is that, you don’t have to pay to download it. It’s free.
TapDefense HD:
This is one of the best games available for your iPad. You have to protect the Gates of Heaven from the enemies. You’ll protect them with the help of towers. This is a unique type of strategy game. You’ll not get bored while playing it. In fact, if you start playing it, you will get involved in it for hours.
You can even challenge your friends to compete with you to get to the master level. This game has total of 6 modes, 42 levels available to play and you can choose from 6 types of different towers. You will see more features when you install it in your phone. This game is highly addictive and it is Free.
FeedRunner with Push:
Share the articles with your friends that you think are interesting. This app is actually an RSS Google Client and it will help you to receive the updates whenever new article is published. This app has High Resolution user interface. Its interface is simple and easy to use. Now you can take Google Reader with you as it will be available in your phone. You can also customize your RSS Reader by choosing any from the 10 theme colors.
This app is available in 5 different languages: Spanish, French, German, Japanese and English. You can also sort the feeds by Unread, All or starred which makes it easy to re-open them later. You can also see the images in full screen and you can resize them too. You have up and down arrows available on the screen which lets you scroll faster. This app costs $2.99.

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