10 Best Android Apps for Doctors & Medical Students

Check out the 10 best android apps for doctors:

Now, you can have the number one medical application in your hand. Medscape, that includes over seven thousand drug references, over twenty five hundred clinical images and videos and drug interaction tool checker, too. Well, you have to admit that this is the good drug reference application and the medical related persons can use it for quick reference. They can also use it to test their knowledge about drugs.
This app is available in both premium as well as free version. In free version, drug related content is available to the user. You can also check drug interaction and identify pill with this beautiful app. Medical calculators are also included in the app. However, if you want to use all this, you should have Android 1.5 or higher installed.
MedPage Today:
Select any specialty related to medical field and get the latest news and medical alerts about that field on your mobile. Yes, this is possible if you have this application installed on your phone. The alerts or news that you will receive is not fake or wrong. The content is in part compiled by University of Pennsylvania school of Medicine. Once you specify your specialty, you can get the latest news and information from the My News application screen. You can see it in the text form but audio facility is also available so that you can hear it, too.
This application is not for everyone as it meant for only healthcare professionals and was designed by the U.S. department of health and Human services. By using this app, a professional can get the required health information of the desired patient by simply typing his/her age and demographic details. A professional can also view the screening calculators as well. But for that, he/she must be logged on to the internet.

You can get an easy access to medical information if you have this app installed in your phone. Whenever you get an interesting article to read or any article related to your specialty, you can email it to your friends or you can also share it with them through your favorite social network.
Specially created for advisors, this application is surely one of their favorites. Advisors can assist and guide their patients about their diet with the help of this application. This app is really very useful as it provides information on different food types. You can search about it at any time. Another different feature in this app is that user can also scan the barcode of a food item by using camera with the help of this app. This unique app can also even identify food with respect to calories as well.
If you don’t know how well you are in the anatomy field, you can analyze yourself here. With the help of this app, a user can test his/her anatomical knowledge. Not only this, but a user can also enhance his/her knowledge about anatomy by studying it. User can study it in four different languages. If you are a student or a professional and your anatomy practical exam is near, you just have seen the right app for you. Test yourself and get prepared for the exam.
Calculate by QXMd:
If you are searching for medical calculators, you can use this app because this app is really good for medical students and professionals. Each calculator passes through a number of screens in order to calculate the respected value.
Public Health News:
Every medical student and professional wants to get his hands on the latest content. Developed by Harvard School of Public Health, this application is a good resource for both students and professionals and consists of educational audio and video content. User can get medical reference easily by using this application
This app is very useful for the students and professionals. It helps the user to note important things about patient with automatic online syncing. With its image capture facility, you can capture any image. This feature is really useful for a student or professional as they can record typical disease pathology and can use it as a reference later.

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