3 Android Apps of the day: Regina 3D Launcher, Sound Clouder, TabApp Pro

Check out the mobiledownloadblog's 3 Android apps of the day:

Regina 3D Launcher:
3D is what you want to be in your phone now. Regina, a launcher for your phone with pure 3D graphics, is now available for your android phone. With intuitive workspace browser with an option to choose separate wallpaper for each workspace, this app has really got attraction in the market. You can place all of your widgets wherever you want because it doesn’t have much restriction on it. If you want to uninstall an app, you don’t have to do much as you can remove it directly within workspace. And that’s not all. This app has got a lot more features. It will be more fun to use your phone if you have this app installed on it. Get a great 3D experience with Regina 3D Launcher.
Sound Clouder:
Now you don’t have to go through websites to search for your favorite songs. SoundClouder is now available to you for this purpose. You can search songs for free from the music sharing website known as SoundCloud. With its multiple download support, you can download multiple songs at a time. If you searched a song and you just closed everything and you want to search that song again, you don’t have to worry because this app also contains Search history feature that will help you in finding what you last searched for. Searching for songs through this app is really simple and easy. With page-less based search feature, you don’t have to go through pages because it auto-loads as you scroll.
TabApp Pro:
Have you used TabApp free? Here’s its advanced version. With this app, you can search for the guitar tabs online. You can zoom tab view. Copy files from your pc to SD card and use it in TabApp pro. Your phone will also remain active and will not sleep while using this application. However, there is another thing that is different from its free version. That is, you cannot store tabs in the database. It stores them in files so that you can connect your phone with your pc. When you start this app for the first time, it automatically creates a folder in your SD card named as “tabapp”. Just paste your files in this folder and write its name in .txt format. Remember to use dash (-) instead of a space. This version has made it easy to search and view guitar tabs.

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