3 iPhone Apps of the day: ShapeMix, Stop and Shop, I Journal

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 iPhone apps of the day:

Created by a musician and Rhode Island School of Design professor, this app is really cool. Now, you have a music studio in your hands. Whether you want to create remixes, other mixes or songs, you can do it with this application. This application is really great for the music lovers.
You can simply drag the song and drop it in the app with the drag-and-drop interface. Not only this, it will automatically split the song into its various components. That will help you in remixing and customizing the song. You have to pay only $4.99 to get it and it will give you 100 tracks for free. Having integration with the world’s largest social network, you can even share your creations with your friends.
Shapemix iPhone app
Stop and Shop:
This app will mainly focus on your savings and presenting you different offers. This app will also let you know about the weekly offers in a specific location.
This app will also provide you the information as well as location of the near grocery store. “My card rewards” will show you some stuff which it gets from your card information like the gas points etc. It also contains “My exclusive offers” which will get expanded in the next versions of this app.
First, create an online account for Stop and Shop than download it. Because, signing up from your phone is really annoying as you have to write a lot about yourself. So it’s better and easy if you’ll do it from your PC.
This app is free to download.
Stop and shop iPhone app
I Journal:
This application is very good for health. Don’t you agree? OK, let’s see what this app really is?
This app is a digitalized form of the traditional journal or diary. This application is built by the Harvard Divinity School research Shawn Achor and Catch.com. Whatever you have done for the whole day, you can record it by using four different options named as Gratitude, Meditation, Exercise and Kindness. How do you want to record? It depends upon you. You can write, add pictures or even voice memos.
Now, if you’ll write down the three good things which you did in that day, your mind will be forced to think towards positives and it will definitely power-up your happiness. Studies have revealed that the person who keeps the daily gratitude list is more happy and successful as compared to the person who does not do it. To do this stuff is simple and easy, but it will bring positive effects in you.
i-journal app for iPhone

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