4 Best Music Apps for iPad

iPad, released in April 2010, created a boom in the market. After its release, many tablets released like Samsung galaxy tab, playbook by BlackBerry etc but no one is comparable to iPad because of its amazing flexibility, reliability and features.

Many apps have been released for iPad and every app has got its own cool features. We’ll focus here on the best music apps for iPad which you must try.

People who designed this app were not getting any profit before the launch of this app for iPhone. Now, if you talk about the best music app for iPhone or iPad, you will surely like Pandora.
You can use this app for uninterrupted radio listening. One exciting feature in this app is that you can have Pandora playing in the background while you do other stuff like searching the internet etc. This app has become very popular for iPhone but let’s see what it has for iPad.
Pandora iPad app
This app surely deserves the place in the best 5 apps list. It has earned a “Top 10 must-have iPhone Applications” award along with other awards as well. If you are walking or sitting on a sofa, listening to a song playing in the background, you can capture the name of an artist and song with this cool application. Well, you have seen that feature in other phones, too. But what makes a difference between this app and others is its another really cool feature. If you have a song in your mind and you want to search it, start this app, sing it and this app will identify that song for you.
Soundhound iPad app
Echo nest has made a lot of popular music apps and now they have introduced this app. This app has got a lot of good features and a smooth interface. Echo nest has paired with YouTube and 7Digital provide users with a visual representation of bands. Those bands are related to what you type in the search field (according to your taste). You can also call this app as the visual version of Pandora. If you double tap on one of the band, you’ll come to know about the complete detail about each one, including blog posts links, biography and videos of that band.
Discovr iPad app
Re-imagine the feel of a wonderful music experience with the help of this application. This app is inspired by the album cover art. If you want to know about an artist, you don’t have to go elsewhere but just put your iPad in your hands and start this app. The designers of this app have tried to combine awesome photography, HD videos, and lyrics interviews together in a multi-touch experience.
This app is free to download. One who loves music should try this one.
Aweditorium iPad app
Which iPad apps you use for finding music? Share your thoughts via comment section.

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