5 Best Android apps for Twitter

5 Best twitter android apps
Twitter, one of the best social networks available. Now, if you have a Android smartphone, you’ll prefer using your social network on it. There are a lot of applications for Android phones to use twitter. Apart from native twitter app here are the 5 best Twitter applications for Android phones:

Plume (formerly known as Touiteur) is a great application for your smartphone. You can handle all your twitter functions very well with this app and has made tweeting really easy. Having a fix feature, you can fix crash errors, preview rotations and many more. It’s a highly customizable twitter client. It’s free to download but if you want to remove the sponsored contents, you can try ad-free version that costs $3.33.

TweetDeck, a smart and easy way to update your facebook as well as twitter status and you can also communicate with your followers and friends with this simple application. Tweeting has never been so easy. It’s free to use.

This application, first developed for BlackBerry smartphones, is available now for android smartphones. There is a feature with which you can hide unwanted Tweets. This method is simple to do as compared to unfollow. It also has the facebook integration. Ad-Free version is available for $4.99 and if you don’t mind ads on your phone than it is available to you for free.

Twicca, with a stylish Black theme is one of the best twitter applications available. Having few function buttons at the bottom, you can jump to your area of interest. This app has tried to cover all the basics you need to tweet. Having a color-code feature, you can color-code your tweets too. You can reply to multiple people by one post. This application is best for twitter-addicted and it’s available for free.

This application is very simple to use, fully featured and one of the best available to tweet. Seesmic, after introducing its applications for the desktop, it has now launched its applications for the smartphones too. You can share your photos with the help of YFrog and Twitpic. You can also scroll down your timeline unlimitedly. With its high definition display, this app is really attractive for twitter users. It also can handle multiple twitter accounts. You can have it for free.

Which twitter app do you use on your Android phone?

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