7 Best Games for Samsung BADA OS

iPhone may have won the hearts of many people and there are, no doubt, a lot of apps and games for iOS and Android but Samsung’s own operating system Bada is trying to make its own space in the market. Time never remains the same and perhaps its time for something new to rise. Already lots of apps available for BADA. For now, let’s have a look at the 7 best games for Bada OS:

Need for Speed Shift:
This game has already made its name for PCs, playstation, iOS etc and now it’s available for Bada too. If you want to play full version of this game on iOS, you have to pay for it but if you are using Bada, you don’t have to pay as its all 24 street and pro racing events are available for free. Choose the fastest car, make your way to the finis, and earn points for aggressiveness and style and many more included in this beautiful game.
Update: Free limited period offer is over.
Tic Tac Toe:
Most of you are familiar with this game as you have played this game on the paper. And those who have played this game know that this game is highly addictive. And if you haven’t played it yet than you should really try it. Although it doesn’t have best quality graphics but that doesn’t matter when you get involved in it.
Asphalt 5:
This is one of the most popular games available in the mobile phone market as it is available for all mobile platforms and now it’s available for Bada too. Have an amazing racing experience through this game. Choose among the 30 beautiful and cool cars introduced by Ducati, Ferrari etc and earn your place in the game.
Hockey Nations Shootout:
This game is specially for those who love to play hockey. Choose from the 14 featured teams. On the left side of the screen, 360 degree control is available and on the other side are the two action buttons. Enjoy playing hockey with this cool game.
Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior:
If you love the games like tekken3, streetfighter etc than you surely will love this game too. Fight through different levels at different historical places to earn experience of martial arts. Win every fight to become Martial Arts master. Every advanced level makes it difficult for you to win but you have to win to honor Bruce lee’s legacy. This game is a holder of 2010 people’s choice award at International Mobile games award. You’ll really love this game so why don’t you give it a try?
Brain Buddies:
If you want to test the capability of your mind of saving stuff in it, try this one. Images will be shown on the screen for 3 seconds and all you have to do is to tap the right squares that showed the images. This game is really simple to play but it’s addictive.
This game features 80 style gameplay combined with modern 3D graphics. This game is for all those who love to play action-adventure games. Game is addictive and superb. If you don’t believe what I said than try it yourself.
Other than this games we also prefer playing Mr.Dork, Furry Legends etc. Which games do you play on your samsung BADA phone?

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