7 Golfing apps for iPhone & Android

Golf Apps for Android and iPhone
Check out the 7 Golfing apps for smartphones iPhone, Android & BlackBerry for Golf lovers:

This app is basic but very useful for the golf players. With the help of this app, you can get the directory of all the major courses of every state in a country. You can also have the information about the course you want. Information includes grass information, bunker information, facilities available, food options and more. With the help of your GPS function, you can also know about the location of the golf course near you. This app costs $0.99 only for iPhone.

With this app, you can store scores of upto 4 players. You can also view analysis of the past rounds. This app lets you improve your game skills. It gives you distance to the next green and also tells you the distance of your last strokes. All of your data is stored in your phone so you don’t need any other external service to use this app. You can also export your statistics in the Google Earth KML format. Because of its wonderful features, may be you need only this Android golfing software. What you have to pay to get this one? €5.95 only which is surely less than what you pay for a game of golf.

Golfshot: Golf GPS:
This can also be called as one of the best golf apps for your phone. It contains the information of about 35,000 courses worldwide. This app will tell you the location of a hole and the distance of a hole from any spot you want. It will also tell you the exact placement of the pin for an accurate shot. Once you put the stroke information, this app will create a graph of your performance which makes it easy for you to make improvements in your game. Yeah! It’s expensive but it really has great features. It costs $29.99 and it’s available for both iPhone and Android phones.

This app includes the information of a lot of golf courses and it also categorizes them like best for handicappers, best for buddy trips, best desert courses etc. You can get information about any course and you can also see them in the accompanying photos. It costs $2.99 only for iPhone.

Golf Genie Practice Drills Pro:
Now you can have a virtual golf instructor in your pocket. With the help of this app, you can get a lot of practice drills that will provide help you for your full swing and short game. It also provides solutions for some common faults like pulling, slicing etc. Having a lot of customization features, you can select any drill you want to focus on and than you can also create your own practice routine for that specific drill. It costs $0.99 and it’s available for both iPhone and BlackBerry.

Now, you can have a satellite map view of the golf course. Download this app and you’ll be able to find your distance to any point plus you can also find a distance of any bunker, water hazards, and trees from any point you want. You can download a lot of courses without extra charges. You can find the distance of your last shot. With clean and simple design, this app is really good for a golfer. You can get it at $1.99 only and the app is available for both iPhone and Android.

V1 Golf:
Do you want to analyze your own swing? Well, if so than here is an application for you. You can compare your swing with the pros and it will let you know about the improvements that you have to make for a better swing. It also let you draw planes on the screen and let you see how straight your line is. You can also see your see the swings in the slow motion. Not only that, you can also compare the swings and analyze every movement of your shot. It costs $3.99 only and available for both iPhone and Android.

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