Amazon shakes hands with Verizon, $25 credit for Verizon Android Users

Amazon $25 credit to verizon android appstore
Nobody wondered that an online retailer, Amazon will open up its own Android App Store. But yes, they have come up with all new App Store. This really made everybody to think why Amazon did this, but your answer will definitely come after the launch of Amazon’s Rumored Tablet. In competition with Android Market you will get apps at discounted rates and another thing which is going to attract many Andro users will be “Free App of the Day feature”. Currently there are more than 7500 apps present in the Amazon’s App Store. So will it give the competition to the Android market with this much of resources? Well you can’t leave a point behind that Amazon is retailer of all the products. And if it succeeds to bring digital goods like music, movies and books to the App Store then this will definitely attract a lot of Android Users.

According to the latest news, Android has partnered with Verizon. People who are looking for an Android Phone of Verizon then you will love to hear this that you will get phone at discounted rates as well you will get $25 credit to spend on Amazon’s Android App Store. So this will definitely allow you to download some of your favorite paid apps and games.

As Android is an open source product, everybody is allowed to customize their Android in whatever the way they want. Amazon has taken the step and Jeff Bezos is leading from the front. Let’s see what happens.

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