Android Apps of the Day: CNN Mobile, Football Kicks, Radio Ball 3D

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 Android apps of the day:

CNN Mobile:
Now you can have live news on your mobile with CNN app designed for Android phones. You just have to start this app and you will be able to get the latest updates from the news world. Moreover, you can receive Breaking News notifications on your home screen. If you have experienced something really strange or unexpected, you can also share it using the iReport feature. You can choose what type of headlines you want to have in your phone. Live video feature is also available. But if you don’t want to watch the video due to data charges, you can listen the news as CNN Radio feature is also available. This app is completely free.
Football kicks:
Master your free kicks by playing this great and cool game. Millions of people have downloaded this game on their iPhone and this is available for Android phones now. Three Game modes are available: feared sudden death mode, beat the wall and beat the clock. Choose any one you want and let you earn coins. You can use these coins later to unlock stadiums, haircuts and customized kits. Do you want to compete against your friends? Yes, this feature is also available. You just have to swipe the screen in order to control the path that will be used for your shot. It’s easy to learn but it’s really hard to master it but practice makes man perfect. This game is addictive and you will not get bored as the 3 game modes will let you come back for more.
Radio Ball 3D:
The new game for android consists of uranium ball made up of uranium waste rushes through the tunnel and you have to run as fast as possible. However, it’s not so easy as the obstacles appear in your way. You can avoid or destroy them. Just run and run and it will keep your score high. You can play it with your friends too.3D graphics are really smooth and cool. You can even do combos and collect power-ups to score more.  You can earn a lot of achievements by taking on challenges. Will you be able to reach at the end? This game is really worth playing. Check it out.

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