Android Apps of the day: Drag Racing, Halo, 180

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Drag Racing:
You’ll really like this game. Have a natural car driving experience by playing this game. You can race online with your friends and others .You can upgrade different cars and in this way you’ll never get bored while playing Drag Racing.
Powerful cars are better on longer distance but nitro is much effective for the cars having weak engines. You’ll face a new boss at every distance. In fact, a total fun with this awesome game and not only that, new features keep coming with each upgrade. Like in the recent upgrade, they added 8 new cars and 6 new bosses. 2 new levels, five new cars, 2 new bosses and 2 more types of online races are coming soon. You can earn good respect if you have a good car. Many more features that you’ll come to know when you’ll play this one.
Drag Racing android app
Halo: Mobile Edition:
Have you played Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3? If you didn’t than you must have heard their names. Well you are not going to miss this one. Halo, a highly addictive game, is available for your android phones now. With the MMORPG project of Microsoft, Microsoft has introduced Spartan warfare that is a community fan site MMORPG that will provide you a lot and lot of entertainment. You can train your own character and you can build your friends army to defeat your enemies and earn your way to the top. Note that, this game is available for the users who have steady internet connections and it will not work without that.
If you want to earn free points, first get registered and than rate this game and leave a comment on Android marketplace with you name (in game name) and ID number. After doing so, you can contact Doinkinator and let him know that you have done this task and you’ll get 1000 in game points worth $10 absolutely free.
HALO Mobile Edition MMORPG android app
You can easily learn this game but you cannot defeat the most extreme players. This is one of the best action puzzle game for your phone. Millions of players have played it before and now you can play it on your phone too. Clear the vertically descending board by launching 3 coins in a row. Flip coin to have alternate color. Create monster, chains and combos but don’t let the coins touch the bottom line.
This game is highly addictive and you’ll not get bored for sure. You can play in different modes and characters. There are different secrets in the game when playing in multiplayer mode. You can earn many achievements depending upon your skills. The game has really HD and colorful graphics. If you have played Tetris or any kind of that game than you will really enjoy this one. One more interesting thing to know about this game is that this game is developed by the people who have worked on your favorite games like Might and Magic, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater etc. Many updates are expected in the near future.
180 puzzle android app

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