Android Apps of the Day: Dragon Hunter, Death Worm, TurboFly 3D

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 Android Apps of the day:

Dragon Hunter:
In this game you have to kill the dragons in order to defend your castle. The game is very much like tower defense. You can kill the dragons with the help of arrows. When you kill dragons, you will get coins and those coins will than let you buy more powerful arrows and other stuff as well. If your castle is damaged, you can repair it with the help of your repairman. You can pay more coins to repairman to recruit more and speed up the repairing process. Different types of magic are also available like ice magic, wind magic etc what you can use. This game is available for free to download.
Death Worm:
This game is cool, attractive and addictive. It has touched the mark of over million downloads. That proves how much people love this game. In this game, you are controlling an underground creature. What you have to do is to eat people, Destroy cars and tanks and armies, even the aliens. It’s simple to understand this game but it is really hard to complete all the 45 levels.

You can choose from 3 worms to attack on 30 different types of enemies. You have a bunch of enemies and you have to kill them all, this game has got really cool graphics that also supports HD. This game has also earned so many awards including top 50-indie games of all times.

This game costs $2.99 only but this is a limited time offer so get this as soon as you can.
TurboFly 3D:
This game is specially for the person who loves racing games. This is a 3D racing games and its ships and tracks make it unique from others. It has 3 types of game modes: Normal, Endurance and pursuit. All of these 3 modes are really innovative and you would like to play for hours. You can choose from the 8 different tracks. There are almost 22 levels which you have to complete and you have total of 5 ships available which contain different weapons. You can choose according to your style and desire. You can also compete with your friends by mastering all levels and submitting your score online.

Some of the features discussed above are of full version. Full version is available for $2.0 and if you want to play for free, you can do it as 2 ships, 2 modes and 2 tracks are available for free.

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