Android Apps of the Day: Life contacts, Gtunes, Smart Flash Player

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's 3 Android apps of the day:

Life.contacts Beta:
This widget is designed by Sony Ericsson and is available for free. You can see those contacts on your screen which you use more frequently with the help of this widget. In this way, you don’t have to search them. When you tap a contact, all options (Sms, call etc) become available and you can stay n touch with the contact in the way you want. If you don’t have your phone with you, you can choose to get alerts of sms or call via email through it. You can go online and you can have more features for life.contacts.
Another amazing feature is that if you don’t have any of your contacts picture, this widget will let you pick from that person’s Facebook account. When you use it online, all your data gets stored on the servers and you always have a backup of your data available. This is a beta version and new release is expected in the near feature.
life.contacts beta android app
GTunes Music:
If you want to search and download from a vast collection of mp3 songs, you should try this app. With the help of multi search engines, you can select and play any song you want. You can save songs in various playlists and categories. You can also use lyrics and album cover in this app. With the Ringtone maker, you can create your own ringtone. This app has a smooth and simple interface. If you have this app in your phone, you don’t have to use other sources to search for mp3. This music app for android is available for free. So, download it now and enjoy.
GTunes music android app
Smart Flash Player:
If you love to have flash animations, apps etc in your mobile, this app is for you. With the help of this app, you can play flash animations, flash games and flash apps. If you don’t have any support to play .flv file on your phone, you can play it using this app. You can play local .flv and .f4v video files. This app does support full-screen too. However, this will not run if you simply download it because it requires Adobe Flash Player plug-in. So you must have Adobe flash Player plug-in installed in your phone.
You can play your files stored locally or from your SD card. This app is available for free. If you love to play flash than this app is recommended to you.
Smart Flash Player android app

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