Apple cloud music to launch before Google music service

Apple cloud music
According to the reports we got Apple cloud music service is all set to arrive and will beat the similar sort of service provided by Google at the moment.

According to the sources Apple is all done with its cloud music service and is all set to launch it soon. This cloud service will act as content’s locker with digital signature which users have to purchase. Apple will provide this music service, whether the users use iOS or Mac device. Reports also say that apple will not be able to provide subscription option to your music because they haven’t got licenses from the music labels.

A year has gone passed when Google promised that it will provide the users to stream their home tracks from your Android phone, but this hasn’t been seen yet. But this thing was spotted in the leaked version of Android Music Player but the rumors mugging around told that this one is not going to reach the audience with full flow as this one also hasn’t got close to grabbing the licenses of music labels.

Google wants to sell tracks from its own Android market and we are hoping that this will happen but, this one will take some amount of time as Google will have to partner with music industry.

Well on the Apple cloud music, its about to arrive just wait till WWDC (or it can happen before that too) in June and it will be available for you guys.

via reuters

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