Bank of Montreal app for BlackBerry and iPhone coming soon

BMO app for blackberry and iPhone
There is a demand of increased customer service from the banking industry that has made banking professionals to think the alternative ways to provide it. In today’s world, it’s very difficult to get separate time to complete your routine work. So, customer service should have to provide as much facilities as they can. Every customer expects a very good customer service from the bank where he/she has his/her account. One such customer service will soon be provided by Bank of Montreal.

This bank is about to complete its apps for BlackBerry and iPhone. If you have a BlackBerry or an iPhone, you can check your balance, use the transfer facility and you can find the nearby BMO branches from your phone. You will even receive push notifications for the bills that are time-sensitive. This app is expected to be live by the end of April.

What they’ll add later in their app? We don’t know yet but what we know is that they are going to add some extra features in it like paying by debit by just tapping your phone or integration for peer-to-peer money transfer. Well, we’ll see in future what will happen? Its competitors like RBC created their apps before Bank of Montreal’s launch but it has taken some time to release its app probably because of security concerns. It’s only the beginning. As BMO promises that new features will be added in future so we’ll see later what this beautiful app will bring for us.


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