BlackBerry Appworld to get "Update All" Feature

BlackBerry appworld Update All feature
According to the news we got Blackberry App World will be updated soon. This update will give rise to a new feature in Blackberry App World. After the update of App world you will be able to use the “Update All” feature. This information was accidentally revealed by RIM’s VP of Global Alliances and Developer Relations, Tyler Lessard. He told this last night at the MobileMonday Event going on in Torronto. This feature will let you to simultaneously update your apps within the app world.

Other information regarding this news is not clear yet, whether it will be available only for OS 6.x or for OS 5.0 too. Let’s hope that RIM will take a step forward for this update to older version also.

It is good to hear of impending improvements, and the hopes that RIM can emulate Android’s Market Place. After hearing this we can also hope of getting an “Auto Update” feature too. Let’s see what happens.

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